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This story shows why a pet should not wear an airtag as a locator

The air tag they are small Devices Manzana that help locate keys, a car, a bag or anything else. Thanks to this ability to find objectssome have used them to put them on their pets, mainly cats, and thus know where they are when they take long walks.


However, some stories show that they are not useful for tracking where the pussycat went for a walk, as they tend to fall off midway or expose it to getting stuck in narrow spaces.

The following story told by a Reddit user demonstrates dangerous and unhelpful it can be to put an airtag on a pet when he goes for a walk outside the home.


19 days ago, the user helenkellerlives made a post asking for help finding her 7-month-old kitten who was wearing an airtag on her collar. He said that the little animal would have left his house through the dog gate and later jumped over the fence during the early hours of the morning.

“We last saw him on our security camera during the morning and thought it was strange that he didn’t come back for breakfast.”


After the first hours of waiting, they reviewed the airtag information, finding that at 9:34 in the morning It was about four blocks away, so they relaxed thinking that it was about to arrive. However, half an hour passed, and according to the airtag, he was still in the same area.

Since it did not make sense that the cat had spent half an hour in the same place, the person decided to go out to the location marked by the device. There He found something that took his breath away for a few seconds.

The necklace with the airtag was lying in the middle of the street, near a house. Given this, she decided to go talk to the neighbor to ask him if he could see the recording of the security camera of him and leave him a number in case he saw the cat go by.


He explained that the situation seemed strange to him because “the detachable collar is very difficult to remove unless the cat is stuck on something, it can be removed with force so as not to catch the cat where it is stuck.” Out of concern he proceeded to print some ads and stick them all over the area to receive information in case someone knows his whereabouts.

Thanks to its fast action the story had a happy ending. A neighbor saw the cat so he called the owner to let him know that he had found it a few blocks away. Upon arriving at the site they could not find him immediately, however, the hungry kitty appeared and they took him back home.

After the incident between the collar and the airtag, the Reddit user said that now the kitten will always live inside his house to prevent him from going out again and an accident from happening. In this case, the Apple device helped him get an idea of ​​where the pet had been but did not help him find it.

Fortunately, the cat either did not get stuck in a fence or someone maliciously grabbed it to steal the device (which costs approximately $39 in stores). For the reasons mentioned here, pets should not wear airtag collars and should opt for chip implants or simply take care that they never go out alone.


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