This screenwriter has found the key to why the DC Universe failed

Since the premiere of Black Adam at the end of last year, D.C. Not a single movie has worked for him. Shazam! The fury of the gods, Flash and Blue Beetle have been crashing at the box office, and the prospects for Aquaman and the lost kingdom (to be released this Christmas) are not good despite the 1 billion dollars who won the previous installment. The change of cycle is imminent, in addition: James Gunn as leader of DC Studios has begun to orchestrate a complete reboot, with Chapter 1: Gods and monsters and his Superman Legacywhich further leads to the impression that the current phase is not going any further.

This phase has lasted 10 yearssince the premiere of The man of steel. The dramas that have gone through DC and Warner Bros. since then there are too many to even attempt to summarize, but suffice it to say that in all this time the DC Universe has never been free from a sense of chaos, which shone in contrast to the iron architecture of Marvel. David S. Goyer, as a screenwriter, was a privileged witness of the first years in which this chaos was consummated. He had gone from writing The dark knight for Christopher Nolanto do the same with The man of steel of Zack Snyder. And there everything went wrong.

Goyer has recently been interviewed on the podcast Happy Sad Confused. There she has talked so much about a script Star Wars who wanted me to direct it Guillermo del Torolike another in the saga Blade who would have signed David Fincher. But above all he has been able to reflect on the future of the DC Universe, explaining that everything started to go wrong after The man of steel. After presenting Henry Cavill like Superman in this film, the logical thing would have been to develop a direct sequel focused on the character (that sequel that we were briefly promised after the premiere of Black Adam). But the studio changed its mind.

Instead, Goyer ended up writing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicewhich went directly to uniting Superman with Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in addition to anticipating the incorporation of the rest of the members of the Justice League. Goyer maintains that it was not the way to do things. “I was aware of the pressure we were receiving from Warner Bros., which was ‘we need our own Marvel Universe’”, he tells about the days when he suddenly found himself writing Batman v Superman as a prelude to a film as criticized as League of Justice.

“Another difficult thing at the time was the chaotic revolving door from Warner Bros. and DC executives. Each 18 months Someone new came in and hit us with the whip. Every new person said ‘Let’s make everything bigger!’“, keep going. “I remember that at one point the person who then ran Warner Bros. made a revelation that contemplated some 20 movies coming during the next 10 years. But none of them had been written yet! It was incredible how much architecture was in the air. “That’s no way to build a house.”

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