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This robot dog yells at people not to leave their house and avoid getting covid-19

A new infectious wave of covid-19 is shaking China. The number of new cases that have hit the country has forced it to resume one of the most restrictive measures: home confinement.

And while they serve their confinement, some people have reported on social networks the presence of a robot four-legged that reminds people to stay home in the face of the health emergency.

This tool has been spotted on the streets of Shanghai and has a speaker on top. She walks the streets while, according to the testimonies shown in social mediareminds the population to also wash their hands and be aware of symptoms, such as temperature.

Shanghai bears the brunt with the most positive cases. The city has been hit by a new subvariant omicron which has increased cases of the disease in recent weeks.

So that no one leaves the house, due to the success of the containment, a robot dog patrols the streets. The funny thing is that the android has a speaker attached to the back that allows it to shout safety instructions.

According to The Times, the video was first published by The Paper.

Similarly, the use of technology to help health strategy is nothing new in China.

According to various reports, authorities have also used drones to enforce restrictions on a city that has been split in two, as the eastern and western regions are experiencing slightly different lockdown measures.

One of the regulations that has been approved is euthanize the pets of covid-19 patients in the city of Shanghai to prevent the spread of the virus virus.

Reuters reported that most of the city’s residents have been asked not to leave their homes, not even to take out the garbage.

This is not the first time, and probably won’t be the last, that technology has been used to help during the health crisis.

The company that developed the famous mechanical dog, the Boston Dynamics Spot, has partnered with a hospital in United States for turn it into an assistant that helps doctors and patients.

Spotify already shows warnings about all content related to covid-19

Hereinafter, Spotify will display warnings on any content related to covid-19. An announcement made also to answer the complaints mainly, of the great controversy of the podcast from Joe Rogan.

This option has been promised by Spotify after several criticisms from different artists, who accused the Swedish company of allow the spread of false or misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.

Therefore, users will begin to see a little Blue Poster, which will notify them when the navigation content is linked to covid-19.

When you touch on it, users have access to publications from entities considered a global health organization and other trusted content sources.

Among the publications ‘promoted; Throughout this guide on covid-19, podcasts from BBC News, Cadena Ser and CNN in Spanish, among others. Although the available content varies depending on the location of the public to mainly show the content in their language.

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