“This never ends”: Diana Golden warned Magaly Chávez about her ex Alfredo Adame

The presenter and actor married Diana Golden in 1998, but their marriage did not last more than a year. (Photo: CUARTOSCURO – Capture from YouTube)

Although several months have passed since Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chávez ended their romance, both continue to give what to talk about for the same reason. And it is that since then the television presenter has attacked the actress, not only during some interviews that he has given for different media, also through private messages, because according to information shared by the former participant of falling in love, constantly looks for her and verbally assaults her.

Faced with this situation, Diana Golden -ex-wife of the interpreter- raised her voice and sent a strong message to the influencer In an interview he gave to First hand. noticeably annoyed with this problem that has also suffered in recent months because who was the driver of Today has “caught even” with all his famous ex-partners, hinted that this could never end.

He is 36 years away, because I think he has barely been a year, or 37, calm down because this never ends.

With this, the Colombian interpreter hinted that she went through a similar situation after divorcing Adame in 1999. However, over time she learned to deal with the statements she made against her and now she prefers to take: “The things from whom they come, for me it is not important”, This despite the fact that the driver continues to talk about her.

“I don’t even know poor Magaly, nor have I treated her, but well if he had already seen so many things, he messed with him, he thought he was going to change and he didn’tNobody changes from one day to the next, of course not,” he said.

Magaly and Alfredo were on the same team in "I
Magaly and Alfredo were on the same team in “I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here!” (Photo: Instagram/@jessicadiazmx)

Diana Golden took the opportunity to send one more message, but not to another former partner of Alfredo Adame, but to her own ex-husband, since she considers that this “conduct” must end so that she can continue with her life without harming others.

I want to tell him with all my love that he surpasses the women in his life, above all hey, I who started the list already surpassed myself, that he move forward, that he move on to something else.

The marriage had no children.  (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)
The marriage had no children. (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)

In this context, the protagonist of Deceived women, Violent nights, Holy entanglement Y maids nights He was honest about the reasons why he married Adame in 1998 and confessed why his marriage ended just a few months later.

To begin with, he explained that at the time they were very close because they both worked for the same company and were almost equally successful. They lived together like this for a while until the Colombian faced economic problems because the National Association of Actors (ANDA) he took away half of his salary because he did not have a special permit for foreigners looking to work in Mexico.

The journalist filed a complaint against the actor for the statements he launched against his mother.  (Photos: Getty Images)
The journalist filed a complaint against the actor for the statements he launched against his mother. (Photos: Getty Images)

For that reason she would have married the star actor of Under the same face, Beyond the bridge Y Two homes. She, however, did not imagine that her decision would have worse consequences, because from that moment on she noticed certain types of aggressive behavior in her then-husband.

We were very good friends. He was very young at that time, he wasn’t crazy crazy, but he was already giving off his madness.

“The ANDA in the payments took 50 percent from me and there I go as a fool and get married […] It is not like that, not for the simple fact of getting married, you have a work permit, the work permit is very independent, so you do not have to fall into those traps, I fell, “he said for the show program hosted by another “enemy” of Adame, Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

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