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This mouse can be folded like origami

The Air.0 is a mouse that can be folded flat for easy storage in a suitcase.

Comfort is one of the reasons that most drives technology to find solutions for users and a project in kickstarter of Hong Kong wants to massify the development of an origami mouse.


The device is called Air.0 and it’s a wireless mouse that folds like a sheet of mythical Japanese art, allowing you to easily carry it in a suitcase or pocket during a trip.

The bending mouse


The operation of this mouse is very simple, it has the traditional buttons of any device of this type, with its two clicks and a scroll in the middle. The difference is that it is a touch panel.


The striking point is that it can be folded. When opened it is the size of a normal mouse, albeit shaped like a hoof, with a rounded front and the open fold to close it.

The Air.0 is a mouse that can be folded flat for easy storage in a suitcase.
The Air.0 is a mouse that can be folded flat for easy storage in a suitcase.

To fold it, you will only need to press a button to release the lock and the mouse will flatten to fold it into a 4.5 millimeter thick paper, which will allow it to be easily stored.

It has Bluetooth 5.2, it is compatible with devices MAC, Microsoft Windows and Android and it has a USB-C charging port.

Being an object that is going to be constantly assembled and disassembled, its developers used vegan leather for its manufacture, which will allow it to retain its shape and withstand falls.

While the device may be a normal size when assembled, this was done to avoid the fatigue of using a mini mouse, which is the most viable option for travel. The size is offset by the option to flatten it and make it easy to pack anywhere.

Like any other project kickstarter nothing guarantees that it will go on sale and even its creators make clear the problems that its distribution may face.

“Our team is very confident in the quality of our product. However, keep in mind that supply chains, logistics, and delivery have been volatile during the pandemic. Another external factor that we cannot control is the sudden shortage of components. Therefore, we have secured this part of the electronic component with the supplier and have reserved a certain amount of stock for us”, they assured.

Air.0 is available in various colors such as black, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, green, white, among others. Its sale is thought that each unit costs 49 dollars and those who collaborate will have discounts. They expect manufacturing to start early next year and distribution is expected to start in March 2023.

The Air.0 is a mouse that can be folded flat for easy storage in a suitcase.
The Air.0 is a mouse that can be folded flat for easy storage in a suitcase.

Device may help treat Parkinson’s

In the world there are about 10 million people with this disease, usually the motor skills and cognitive functions of these patients are evaluated through medical visits.

This situation can skew the information due to the exhaustion it represents, since some get tired just by traveling from home to the hospital or on the way to the doctor’s office.

For this reason, a team from MIT proposed a device that collects data using radio signals that reflect off a patient’s body as they move around their home.

This device is similar to a router of Wi-Fi, so it is operating around the clock, adding an algorithm to detect the signals generated by other people in that room when they move.

The results showed that it is much more effective to collect data in this way to track the progression and severity of the disease, as was the case with the dozen people with Parkinson’s who participated in the study.

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