This map allows you to follow all the fires in the world in real time

Fires in South American countries.  (photo: NASA)
Fires in South American countries. (photo: NASA)

Much of Brazil, and parts of Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Peru are on fire with active fires. since this Sunday in more than 20 points of these countries, with the exception of Brazil, which probably exceeds 100 points.

And it is that, not only in these countries of Latin America. The extreme heat has caused the flames to erupt in many parts of other continents, such as Europe and Africa.

The heat wave that is spreading throughout Europe has taken the thermometers to temperatures well above the usual ones and has caused situations as unusual as the one that the United Kingdom is experiencing, which is seeing, for the first time in its thermometers temperatures close to 40 degrees.

How to follow the evolution of all these fires in real time

The POT monitors the fires that spread across the planet and offer this information freely through this website that captures the data on a map of the entire planet by which anyone can move and zoom to view the area they are interested in seeing.

The map collects the latest incidents. Fires are marked with red dots. If you visit this website and zoom in to cover the entire map, you will discover that in addition to Latin America, right now Africa is experiencing a lot of fires. There are also many areas of Europe that are being devastated by the flames

FIRMS (Fire Information for Resource Management System) is the fire information system for resource management and provides near real-time (NRT) active fire data within 3 hours after satellite observation.

The data is transmitted by the Aqua and Terra satellites, and the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) aboard S-NPP and NOAA 20 (formally known as JPSS-1).

Fires in African countries.  (photo: NASA)
Fires in African countries. (photo: NASA)

449 forest fires were reported in Peru so far in 2022

The National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor) reported that 449 forest fires have been alerted so far this year throughout the Peru. According to this report, the Junín and Puno regions register a greater number with 52 and 50, respectively.

In third place, Ucayali is located (49), follows Huanuco (43), Cuzco (41), loretto (26) and San Martin (26).

Over the years, in Peru, forest fires have increased, which generated different losses. Only last year there were 1,571 alertswhile in 2020 there were 2,599revealed the institution.

Fires in Peru.  (photo: NASA)
Fires in Peru. (photo: NASA)

Many countries in Europe and Africa suffer from devastating fires

Europe is also fighting fires, especially in the South, the most affected by high temperatures and lack of water. Spain, France, Portugal and Greece They fight the flames throughout their territory.

In the Gallic country four firefighters have been injured in the Gironde fires, that have already burned more than 11,000 hectares and have forced the preventive evacuation of more than 14,000 people. In Italy the flames have caught in the north and center of the country, while Portugal It is already controlling the fires in its territory and has lowered the alert level. Also Albania and Croatia they are fighting the fire in their mountains.

Not only Europe. In the north of Africa Several active fires in northern Morocco have left 5,900 hectares burned, but the fire has also broken out in the southern part of the continent. The flames punish the entire planet.

Fire points in the world.  (photo: NASA)
Fire points in the world. (photo: NASA)