This is what we will find out about the Nord Watch before the presentation


The OnePlus Nord Watch may be introduced soon, which we already know can be expected with a square casing, at least the model about which the manufacturer reveals information every few days until September 28. The form world was shown on Monday, today the parameters of the AMOLED display are on the line.



The trailer reveals that the panel is 1.78 inches, has a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels, and a maximum white luminance of 500 nits. Tomorrow we will also receive information about the display, the always-on display and selectable dials are a possibility, on Saturday the image update will be revealed, next Monday there will be news about the sports modes, and on the 28th about the health functions. As long as we interpret the pictograms correctly. Based on the schedule, it is possible that the OnePLus Nord Watch will be presented at the end of next week.

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