This is “The Ultimatum”, the next couples reality show from the creators of “Love is Blind”

This is the official trailer for the upcoming reality show “The Ultimatum”. (Netflix)

Six couples will undergo the most difficult challenge in The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On: Will they agree to marry or end their relationship? The new reality show of love will arrive in april to Netflix and the platform advanced a little of what will be seen with an official trailer, where each of the participants was shown to go through moments of fun and emotional situations in which they will reveal their true feelings towards those who could be their life partners. It is an original idea of ​​the creators of Love is blind (love is blind).

When two people have been in a love relationship for many years, they tend to think that the wedding bells are just around the corner and at any moment they could take the next step to start a family. In just eight weeks, a total of 12 contestants must figure out if they really want to take their romance to the next level, and at the end of these two months, they’ll decide whether to greenlight the engagement or break up.

In this process, the production of The Ultimatum it will make things more difficult for them and cause tensions that could lead to more conflicts. For three weeks, each of them will have the freedom to choose a different partner to live with and there is a possibility that this one will become their new “forever” after all. “I definitely thought giving Jake the ultimatum would bring us together,” one of the contestants is heard saying. “He is doing the opposite.”

The reality series produced by Kinetic Content will be released in two parts, the first eight episodes will come to Netflix on April 6 and the season finale with the reunion special will premiere a week later (April 13). The first installment will have 10 chapters in total.

The success of love is blind on netflix

In February 2020, the reality show created by Chris Coelen was released via Netflix and managed to reach the popularity of other productions of this type such as TheBachelor and Married at First Sight. The format follows 15 men and 15 women, all from the same area of ​​the city, who hope to find love. They will meet – without seeing each other face to face – by dating for 10 days, although they will initially start with quick encounters until they feel ready to deepen their encounters with longer dates.

The participants will only meet in person, after a marriage proposal is accepted. In this way, the engaged are taken on a journey of relaxation at a resort where they can spend more time together and have the opportunity to experience physical intimacy with each other for the first time. They will also meet other couples in this process. The end of the competition occurs when everyone goes up to the altar and says “I accept” or not.

The first season of love is blind it had 14 episodes, including the later reunion specials, and the second one – which was released in 2022 – was divided into 11.

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