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This is the taco robot that slices meat like never seen before

“The future is today, old man”, or at least that is what a meme says when there are scenes like this: A taco robot that finely slices the meat of a top so that it can be placed inside some tortillas, bolillo or whatever the diner prefers.

It is a robot named Der Gerät, manufactured by the German company Aldakur RobotSystems, which automated the process of slicing a top of meat. Its objective is that the personnel is not exposed to direct heat and portions of meat can be taken directly for its preparation, in addition to “guarantee a pleasant and hygienic work”.

It was originally created as a robot for kebab, a Turkish dish that, like the Mexican tacos al pastor, uses a top to cook the meat and then serve it.

In Germany, the kebab is supposedly a popular food, hence they have managed to create the automated device. According to the official page of the robot, there are several sizes, one is designed for a maximum weight of 160 kilos, although there is a small one of 60 kilos.

taco robot

“To begin with, the automatic kebab slicer independently and reliably prepares kebab meat into portions for sale. Thanks to its simple operation, it is no longer necessary to hire personnel for the shaped cut”, offers the file of the device.

However, in the images that have emerged on the Internet, it can be seen that the kebab robot, which could well be used for tacos, is very slow to do its job. Social network users have not been able to ignore that detail.

“In my point of view, just one vote for the taqueros every day makes me happy. Sure there may be robots but there are things that cannot be replaced in short, ”said a user on Twitter.

“I envision a modification where you put some pineapples on top and a band of tortillas on the bottom that captures the perfect amount of meat. The sauce is still manual to the diner’s taste,” said another user of the social network.

And it is that in the images you can see how the top is turning while the blade goes up and down to slice the meat that falls on a tray, however, the same users have not avoided comparing this work with that of a human, ensuring that the taqueros, “make art”.

“Enjoy the work of art,” said a user before a video of the taco robot. To make a comparison, he shared the video of a human taco maker who quickly slices the meat that falls into the tortilla, and with a total calculation, cuts the pineapple that falls exactly in his hand and no need to catch it.

MAN vs THE MACHINE and 1 PINEAPPLE”, joked another Twitter user before the skill of the robot and that of the taco player. “There are things that technology shouldn’t get into,” said another.

This optically integrated intelligent sensor robot can work 24/7 without a break, and according to the company’s calculations, it can slice 300 kilos of food a day. It is also advertised as hygienic and has a reduced cost of up to 40% in gas.

Although it is sold to anyone who can pay for it and transport it, at least the comments on the Internet indicate that they prefer meat and bone taqueros, who, in addition to having great skill and speed when preparing tacos, are part of the local culture.


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