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This is the new function on Twitter to ‘discredit’ and avoid harassment or spam

“How do you say ‘don’t ravish me,’ without saying ‘don’t ravish me’?” he said. Twitter to announce that they are testing a new function that avoids being mentioned or snatched by other users of the platform.


According to the announcement this function is available for some users and can only be used in the web version of the social network. When the testing phase is over and all its capabilities have been reviewed, as well as possible errors have been corrected, it will be released generically.

“We’re experimenting with Unlist – a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from preserves – available on the Web for some of you now,” Twitter said.

How to know if I have the function and how to use it

The only way to know if you are one of the lucky ones that Twitter selected to have the test tool, is to try activating the function from the browser account.


In a gif attached to the publication it is observed that to activate the disclaimers you have to go to the section of Notifications > Mentions. Below are the tweets where the user has been mentioned.

On the right side of the mention are the settings represented by the three dots icon (…), among the options is one that says “Leave this conversation”. When selecting it, Twitter warns that by accepting will unmention the account, stop future mentions, and stop notifications.


Selecting this option will have applied the disclaimer. From what can be seen, this tool can only be applied to tweets where the user has been mentioned and cannot be set for all future tweetssimilar to the option to not be tagged in photos on Instagram.

Even so, this option to remove the mention and stop receiving notifications of that tweet conversation will be helpful not to receive spam, but above all to stop bullying situations where a user is tagged to receive negative comments.

This new function to discredit joins another modality in which the platform has been working for a year and which it announced this week. Its about button that will allow edit tweets.


Through a publication on the Twitter Commons account, it was confirmed that the long-awaited editing tool will soon arrive, which, noting that they have been developing it since last year, They rule out the possibility that it is related to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

And it is that the South African billionaire had recently done a survey on his profile about integrating a button to edit tweets. Added to this, this April 4 revealed that he has a 9.2% share on Twitter and today it was confirmed that he will be part of the board of directors. Hence, the social network remarked that they were working on this since 2021.

Similarly, Twitter asserted that the function did not come out of a trivia like the one Musk did, detailing that They were already testing it on Twitter Blue to realize its full potential. Twitter Blue members have exclusive access to premium and personalized features of the app for a monthly subscription.

It should be remembered that the social network had said on April 1 that it was working on an edit button, causing disbelief reactions for the message sent on what is April Fools’ Day in some countries.


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