This is the Instagram Family Center that will allow you to control minors

This is the Instagram Family Center that will allow you to control minors
Meta announced the launch of the Center for Families and parental control options on Instagram and Oculus Quest devices. (REUTERS/Given Ruvic)

The social networks They are now part of people’s lives. The new generations are constantly exposed to this type of platform from a very early age and, as a result, each one has had to adapt to new situations to protect their most trusted clients. youthswho may be threatened by other users.

As a result of the interaction of users with each other, incidents such as harassment, cyberbullyinggrooming, among others that can affect not only the security of young people on the internet, but their physical and mental integrity.

That is why Goala company that develops platforms for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Y Messengerhas created a ‘Family Center’ intended for parents to monitor their children’s activity on Instagram and provide users with a safe experience on the platform.

The website also contains a series of educational resources developed in collaboration with experts

Parental monitoring tools

Within the set of features that this platform dedicated to parents of young Instagram users will have, are:

Parental supervision options at the Meta Family Center (Meta)
Parental supervision options at the Meta Family Center (Meta)

– Possibility to see how much time a day teenagers use the Instagram platform. Parents can set daily and weekly limits on which young people should base themselves for the use of the social network.

– To keep parents up to date, this Family Center will also send them notifications when young people decide to share that they reported an account or posted on the social network.

– To be aware of the people who influence the lives of their children on social networks, parents can also receive notifications about which profiles the young people follow and which are the followers of their sons and daughters.

These monitoring tools may only be used with the consent of the youth. They will have the possibility to invite their parents to supervise their account or, if not, it will be the parents who can request to start the supervision of the profile of the adolescents.

Virtual Reality included within the supervision

According to the Instagram support website, the parental control offered by Meta also includes the Virtual Reality experience, which offers monitoring features for Oculus Quest devices. Parents will have the possibility to limit the use that their sons and daughters can make of them.

For these viewers, the tools include:

– Approval of downloads and purchases of applications that are blocked by default.

– For teens 13 and older, they will be able to request a purchase and their parents will be notified to approve or deny the teen’s request from the Oculus mobile app.

– Applications that the parent considers inappropriate for the teen can be blocked, which will prevent them from running on the devices. Blocking may include platform store websites and apps.

– For closer monitoring of teen activities, parents can view what types of apps are downloaded.

– Purchase notifications are also active for transactions made through an Oculus device in Virtual Reality.

– Parents will also have access to a section of Oculus designed for mobile, so they can see how much time their children spend on the VR platform. The friends list will also be information available for parental supervision.