This is the highest-grossing French comedy in history in your country that you can see on Amazon Prime Video

No, we don’t talk about untouchableswhich collected almost 400 million euros worldwide, 160 million of them in France and gave rise to three different adaptations, but rather Welcome to the North, a 2008 comedy that, only in its country, made more than 170 million euros. This film thus became the second most viewed title in France behind titanic. Abroad, Welcome to the North It was not wrong either: in Spain, for example, it raised around four and a half million euros.

To put its success in perspective, only the international box office of untouchables has been able to catch up with Bienvenidos al norte. Gone are movies like The artistwhich totaled 120 million euros; The last Tango in Paris, with 32 million (although without adjusting for inflation); The 80 million the choir boys; or the five that made the Oscar winner so much IndoChina As the cyrano de bergerac by Gerard Depardieu.

‘Untouchable’ has grossed more than ‘Welcome to the North’ around the world, but it did not reach the figures of this one in France

Eight Picardian surnames

A few years before the comedy of clear lake and Daniel Rovira exploded the national box office, Welcome to the North made France laugh (and, due to easy-to-detect affinities, the countries around it) with a comedy in which two very different sensibilities confront each other: the southern one, from the Rhône, and the northern one, from Nord-Pas-de-Calais, region near Belgium in which Dunkirk is located.

With his arrival at Amazon Primewhich must be added to its pre-existing availability in Movistar Plus, Welcome to the North it gives us the chance to peek into a hilarious culture clash in which it won’t be difficult for us to recognize ourselves.

What is ‘Welcome to the North’ about?

Phillippe is a civil servant who works as a postman who is assigned, against his will, to Bergues, a small town in the north of France that, despite his low expectations, turns out to be an idyllic and wonderful place where people with great heart.

However, the protagonist of the fiction deceives his wife (Zoé Félix) by telling her that she lives in hell, in order to arouse her compassion. This French comedy will make you venture into a story full of laughter to liven up summer days and enjoy a few moments of distraction and lots of laughs.

Welcome to the North
Welcome to the North

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