Home Tech News This is the Google translate game to learn English

This is the Google translate game to learn English

This is the new Google translate game
This is the new Google translate game

turns out Google translate has an option to learn English vocabulary in a more didactic wayThis is because over the years handling a second language has become essential, and in Latin America English has become highly sought after. So different digital aids have been created to learn other languages, such as Duolingo, however, this time the protagonist will be Google and its platforms.

It is the Google translator, which also offers a less boring alternative to learn English, and it is activated from the search engine by writing a word in the foreign language in the text bar or by typing Word Coach. Later the test will appear that will train people in everyday vocabulary, you will have to answer the questions to earn points and move on to other challenges.

In a nutshell, this minigame has challenges of images and interspersed questions that must be answered by tapping on some of the options displayedthe more questions are answered, the more exercises will be presented and also with greater difficulty, at the end it will show the user the errors and give an explanation about it.

To access the game You have to enter the Google search engine on an Android or iOS cell phone, because it does not work in the translator application and It is also not available for computers. so it is a tool that was created expressly for mobile devices.

This is the new Google Translate game
This is the new Google Translate game

If you enter the game for the first time, only five questions will be shown in which you will have to select the image that best describes the word displayed or make translations between both languagesover time the questions will level up and all this information will be saved if you enter from the account, in this way Google will know what complexity to add to the game each time you enter.

In conclusion, this is a game that does not have great difficulty in its interface or in the questions, so if you already have an advanced level in the language, it will be very basic, however, for children and those who are learning English for the first time, it will be very useful. Also, the feature is only available in non-English speaking countries, so if a person moves from region to region, they probably won’t have access anymore.

And on the occasion of the celebration of 10 years of Google Play, the company’s official application store, the managers changed the logo for one that paid tribute to it. The biggest difference that Internet users have noticed in this new image is that its colors are more sober and dark, adjusting to the logos of the rest of Google products, such as Chrome, which also renewed its distinctive icon earlier this year. .

Google play turns 10 and changes its logo
Google play turns 10 and changes its logo

Tian Lim, vice president of Google Play, assures that: “we are incorporating a new logo that better reflects the magic of Google and that also coincides with the brand image of the rest of our products.”

It should be noted that 10 years are being celebrated since the Silicon Valley company changed the name and image of its application store from “Android Market” by Google Play, as it is currently known, more specifically this officially occurred on March 6, 2012.

“A decade later, more than 2.5 billion people in around 190 countries use Google Play every month to discover and download apps, games and digital content. And more than 2 million developers work together with us to bring their projects to life and bring them to all people around the world”, adds Tian Lim.

But the party for the 10 years of Google Play is not only about the creation and launch of a new logo, but these days in the United States and some other countries, users will receive 10 times more credits in Google Points for purchases to do.

Although it is unknown if this promotion will also reach Latin America, the Google Points system consists of a program with which rewards and points or credits can be earned for each purchase made in the application store, that is, when it is downloaded. content that has a price such as games, music or movies.


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