This is the famous Twitter gif to learn prepositions in English

This is the new Google translate game

English It has become the most popular language in the world, and although it does not have the largest number of native speakers compared to Spanish, Hindi or Mandarin, it does. 1.348 million people master itmost as a second language.

This means that mastering at least some aspects of English can help anyone while traveling or at work.

Even today, schools have realized the importance of speaking English and that is why it is now a crucial subject in the curricula, however, not all institutions offer the same quality of education.

In recent days, a gif has become very popular on Twitter that teaches prepositions in English in a didactic way, which It already has thousands of mostly positive reactions and comments.

Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects for a Spanish speaker when learning English are prepositions, which is why this gifs It has been so useful for many Internet users, since it has freed them from the confusion between “at” and “near”, or has helped them to differentiate the terms “around” and “through”.

César Dorado has been the user who has shared this GIF along with the phrase “I loved this visual guide to prepositions in English.”

The moving image shows various drawings of balls and boxes to exemplify the spatial meaning of each of the prepositions.

César also explains by way of thread that “In over the ball rubs against the piece because when there is physical contact the use of over is preferred instead of above, and above is used to indicate that something is higher (above the village). But it is true that since we only use “on top of” it is difficult to know when to use one or the other. Cheers”

These have been some of the comments made by users on the internet

– It is magnificent, with what it costs to understand and use them correctly.

– You are right. Graphic and diaphanous. Very good

– I saw another one about time (in, on, at) very good too, let’s see if I can find it

There have been many more positive comments and of this type, even Internet users have begun to request more gifs to understand other English topics such as “phrasal verbs”.

In any case, Internet users who are learning English have many options and help on the Internet, for example Google Translate has a mobile game to learn some vocabulary.

This game is activated from the search engine by writing a word in the foreign language in the text bar or by typing “Word Coach”.

Later, the test will appear that will train people in everyday vocabulary, you will have to answer the questions to earn points and move on to other challenges.

This is the new Google translate game

In a nutshell, this minigame has challenges of images and interspersed questions to which you have to answer by tapping on some of the options displayed, the more questions you answer, the more exercises will be presented and also with greater difficulty, at the end it will show the user the errors and will give you an explanation about it.

To access the game you have to enter the Google search engine on an Android or iOS cell phone, since it does not work in the translator application and it is not available for computers either, so it is a tool that was created expressly for mobile devices.