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This is how you can turn off someone else’s iPhone alarm using Siri

Turn off someone else's iPhone alarm. (photo: The Net Net)
Turn off someone else’s iPhone alarm. (photo: The Net Net)

If any TechMarkup reader lives with his family or even with friends, it can be a common thing to wake up to an alarm from a iPhone either iPad which is not one’s. And, due to life circumstances, the owner does not turn it off.


This can be especially frustrating, especially for those alarms that are forgotten by mid-morning. Well, if everyone who lives in that household uses devices from Manzana, the good news is that any alarm can be silenced remotely by asking Siri, even if it’s not one’s iPhone.

The first condition is, of course, that the iPhone or iPad of the other or other people belong to the same family of iCloud. That is, there will be no effect if you want to turn off the stranger alarm, must be members of the family unit and use the same account ‘Apple Family’ (Apple family, which is also used to share subscriptions).


This is not something that Apple has publicized too much and in fact, if you are looking for support from the company, it will not be mentioned. But then TechMarkup will show how it is possible to turn off the alarm of another iPhone or iPad using Siri or a HomePod configured on the same family network.

How to turn off someone else’s iPhone alarm


The process is very easy. Once the devices are configured within the option ‘In family’, only you have to ask Siri from any other set up device in the same household to silence the alarm on another device.

Works on iPhone, iPad, Mac or HomePod. The only requirement is that the devices, both the one that rings and the one in your hand, are from the same ‘Family’.

Turn off alarm with Siri. (photo: Watch How It's Done)
Turn off alarm with Siri. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

Now, whenever a person wakes up to a constant alarm that is not theirs, while their owner is in the shower and does nothing to stop their iPhone from constantly ringing, simply say: “Hey Siri, turn off the alarm on Jose Arana’s iPhone” (or whoever’s iPhone name) and ready.

Siri will always ask for a confirmation to check if you really want to turn off the alarm. If all goes well, the alarm will stop immediately. Mind you, this is a function of domestic use, so it is essential that both people use the same network Wifi.

Alarm on iPhone. (photo:
Alarm on iPhone. (photo:

Another iPhone trick: share a screenshot the moment it’s taken

Take a screenshot on the iPhone it is common and very simple: you only need to press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

To share this photo, the common way is to click on the floating thumbnail, go to the editor and click on the share icon; a process that has a series of steps and a few seconds. If you want to share the screenshot without taking so much time, there is a way:

1. Take a screenshot in the usual way: press the power and volume up buttons simultaneously.

2. A screenshot thumbnail will be visible in the bottom right corner. Hold down.

3. After holding your finger for half a second, iOS will remove the white border that appears on the thumbnail. Release your finger and the Share menu will appear.

4. Once the screenshot is shared, You can remove it from the screen (will be saved).

5. If you want to delete it, click once on the thumbnail (which does not disappear) and open the editor to remove it from the trash can icon.

Screenshot on iPhone. (photo: Applesphere)
Screenshot on iPhone. (photo: Applesphere)

This trick also works on iPad OS: To share iPad screenshots, there are follow the same process. Apple introduced this shortcut in iOS 11.


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