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This is how you can track and block a device with Windows 10 and 11

Users will need to enable the location service on the devices and access the official Microsoft page to find the laptop and lock it remotely. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

One of the functions useful of the devices mobile phones is the one that involves the possibility of using a geolocation to track its location and recover it in case it has been stolen or has been lost due to an oversight. While this feature has been linked to operating systems Android Y iOSthis can also be applied to computers.

l , this can also be applied to computers.l

In the current version of the operating system Microsoftthe activation of the function Geolocation is done from the window Setting Of the device.

In this space, the user must enter the Privacy and Security section, to finally click on the option find my devices.

Find my device feature in Windows 11. (Genbeta)
Find my device feature in Windows 11. (Genbeta)

The system will indicate that it is necessary to activate the Locationso it will take the user to that section automatically if it is not enabled.

Within the location settings, users will need to enter Location Settings and activate Location Services. If this feature was on before you turned on Find, it will turn on without much hassle.

How to turn on Find My Device in Windows 10

In the case of the previous version of the operating system from Microsoft, to activate the Find in Windows 10 You must also enter the setting Of the device.

The proper path to access this feature is Settings > Update & security > Find my device. Another way of access in this version, which is also in Windows 11is to write the name of the function in the seeker from the taskbar.

Find my device feature in Windows 10. (Genbeta)
Find my device feature in Windows 10. (Genbeta)

When this specific section has been entered, the users must activate the Find my device function as well as the service of Location so that the system can track it through a connection to Internet.

How to remotely lock a device

In case of theft, trying to find the device is not the only thing that is sought, but users also have to protect the information that it contains. Just as in mobile devices it is possible to block the smartphone remotely, in the case of laptops with windows it is also possible.

Windows enables a feature to remotely lock the Windows device.  (Genbeta)
Windows enables a feature to remotely lock the Windows device. (Genbeta)

When the option of find my devicethe user must log in with their account and password on the official website of Microsoft. Once inside, you will find a section called Find my device from where you can see a map of the country with signs indicating the place where the device.

From that same section it is also possible block the device, which means logging out and disabling local users. However, if the criminals have permissions to administrators within the system, this won’t help much, but you can still make the data extraction process from the device slow down and buy time until you can recover.

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