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This is how you can send emails through Gmail that self-destruct

gmail It’s been around for years, and most people think they already know everything about the platform. emails. Neverthelessthis service has many tricks to make people’s lives a little easier. Sure, users know some of them, but they may still need to find out more.


There are times when it is necessary to send confidential information that is out of the reach of strangers.

Precisely, users should know that there is a secret Gmail trick that allows you to send self-destructing emails. Even if you want, a password can be added that only the recipient can access.


How to send an email that self-destructs

confidential mode is active in the sending process self-destructing messages in gmail From this mode, a password can also be entered to access the content, if desired.


The best thing about this Gmail trick is that it is available in both iOS either Android like in the version Web, hence you do not have to depend on third-party programs. To activate the function, simply follow these steps:

1. In Gmail, click the button Write that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Press the icon Padlock, that appears in the options bar at the bottom of the email you’re composing. done this, Gmail confidential mode can be activated.


3. A mini-window will open with new options of the activated mode. Therefore, it can be configured as needed. Also, you can set a minimum period of 1 week and a maximum of 5 years. After that, the email disappears from the contacts inbox.

4. In addition, and as mentioned above, an access password can be added which will require the recipient of the email to enter the text code that arrives at their smartphone.

5. Press the button Save to seal the changes that have been made. And voila, the process is over.

2 other useful tricks for Gmail

By means of a small list with 2 additional tricks, users will be able to improve the efficiency and experience in the email application:

1. Organize emails with labels

If you’re receiving dozens upon dozens of emails a day, it probably goes without saying how chaotic it can be to organize them all.

That’s why Gmail is implementing a label system. It is a kind of folder system where you can create all the labels you want to manually or automatically categorize the messages you want.

To create them, all you have to do is go to the menu Setting and click on the tab tags.

You will be able to see all the ones that are pregenerated by Gmail, but below all of them there will be the option to Create new. When you click on it, you just have to give it a name, and if you want it to belong to someone else, activate the option Add tag to: and choose which one.

This option allows you to create sub-tags, to have a main tag like Staff (example), I know you can have multiple folders in that category like Family, Projects, Work, University or whatever you want.

2. Set up an answering machine

If you go to the menu Setting and in the tab General scroll down, there is an option called automatic responses.

It is used to configure an automatic response type, so that when an email is received on days that have been enabled, Gmail will automatically reply with a predefined message to notify that the user is not available at that moment and that it will take time to read the mail (in case he is traveling).

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