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This is how you can play Crash Bandicoot, Metal Slug, Tekken and more classic PS1 titles on your cell phone

The PlayStationthat console with which Sony debuted in a market where it was practically unknown, it has made history all over the world. Until then, the most popular console was Super nintendobut with the appearance of the PS1, nothing was ever the same.

The launch of PlayStation 1 (also known as PS1, Psone or PSX) in 1994 completely changed the industry of video game. It sold more than 102.4 million units and marked the beginning of a success for the renowned ‘Play’.

Now, nor is it necessary to have the aforementioned gray console (or a whiter and more compact redesign) to enjoy its games, since there are many emulators for phones Android that allow you to download some of the best PlayStation games.

Next, a list of 5 Applications of emulators for the PS1:


ePSXe is considered by many to be the best PlayStation emulator as it runs on computer since many years and the migration to Android has been one of the most successful.

Cost USD$2.99, which is a fairly cheap price and a good investment considering the possibilities it offers, since it is one of the options with the best compatibility with games, as it supports about 99% of PlayStation titles.


If you want to kill several birds with one stone and have a simulator compatible with countless platforms at once, including the first PlayStation, you may be interested in this app.

It should be noted that the quality of PlayStation games is not the best, but it is definitely worth it since you can play other legendary console games such as Nintendo 64, NES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, and even Game Boy Advanced.

Has a free version and a paid upgrade option (USD 2.94 euros) with other news in the emulator.

Matsu PSX Emulator

Matsu Player is one of the best emulators that supports multiple platforms, although it was made with the original PlayStation in mind.

Although it is freebeing an advantage over other options, can be a bit annoying, because plays quite a few ads in games.

Is no longer in Google Play Store, but you can download the APK.


Retro is a multi-way application, which means that in order to play a certain title, you need module programs called ‘cores’.

These cores are not included according to the rules, but you should go to online updater > core updater within the app to download them.

In these cores, there are open source emulators that receive continuous updates and they have a very simple and easy to use interface.


FPse is another great alternative for those who don’t like ePSXe, though it can be a bit more complicated to handle.

In this case the price rises to USD$3.39, but I know can run all games at much better resolution and it will even play the titles as if they were on a wide screen, but not in root mode.

How to install Citra Emulator to access Nintendo games like Mario Bross, Zelda and Pokemon

1. Download the app Citra Emulator from the Google Play Store.

2. Once downloaded, open the app on the device.

3. A notice that must be accepted, which indicates that this application does not include Nintendo 3DS games and that we must download them to our mobile phone in order to play them.

4. A window will appear in which you must press Allow for the app to access files on the device.

5. Choose the cell phone folder in which the ROMs of the Nintendo 3DS games have been saved.

6. Click on the option that appears at the bottom of the application titled Choose this folder.

7. Select the game among all the games you have in the list by clicking on it.

8. Now, just wait for the game to load and voila, you can start enjoying the emulator.

The catalog of games compatible with this application is quite extensive, and the percentage of Nintendo 3DS titles that work perfectly or almost perfectly is quite high, specifically more than 50%.

In any case, if you want to know if a certain game of this console can be executed in Citra Emulator, you only have to visit their complete list of compatible games.


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