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This is how you can hide an application on an iPhone

Users can use certain settings within the device instead of removing certain apps periodically

The Applications they are part of the set of tools that can help users have a better experience using their devices. But sometimes there are some that users may not like to show or are not easily found.

Instead of removing this kind of Applications permanently and reinstall them on the on a device like the iPhoneit is possible to make these less visible or place them strategically so that they are not noticed inside the team.

The following methods could be considered as an extra layer of privacy and they do not prevent applications can be found if they are sought.

“Camouflage” the application on the screen

Users need to understand that the Applications they cannot become invisible or disappear without being uninstalled, so the first method to hide these tools is to remove the one you don’t want to see from the home screen. This will allow not be seen easily and once you are alone in the app library, notifications are turned off.

Hide apps on iPhone.  (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Hide apps on iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

In this case, although it is possible to disable notifications only when the screen is blocked, preferably so that other people do not know when a message is received. notification is that they are completely disabled. This will make it easier to hide the presence of this application on a device.

Hide the app for Siri

As mentioned above, while it is not possible to completely hide an application within a iPhone, it can locate you within a specific area of ​​the device. Once this is done, users can locate the app in a specific part of the device.

Nevertheless, Siri you can still open that app if prompted. Therefore, the next privacy tip is to disable this option. For that you must enter the route Settings > Name of the apps and then in Siri Y Search.

Hide apps on iPhone.  (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Hide apps on iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

The options to pay attention to are Show on home screen, Suggest app, and App notifications. Suggestions. After they’re all turned off, Siri doesn’t even spot light and neither do widgets will be able to show suggestions in the starting screen.

It is also important that users disable the option to Show the app in Search, which in turn disables the option to deactivate Show content in Search. So people can prevent the application from appearing whenever we use spot light.

On the other hand, once the location of the application through this series of commands within the Apple system, the next thing to do is open the tool.

At the time it is removed from these options, users will see that even if the task is still running in backgroundthe app icon does not appear inside the app list.

This procedure is useful if you want, for example, hide apps to give them an even higher level of security. However, it is necessary to take into account that, although they will be protected in the event that a third person wishes to access them without authorization from the iPhone, this does not make them less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

That is why, beyond hiding an application inside the device, users who want to protect themselves should keep in mind that showing a prevention-oriented attitude is the best way to avoid being a victim of cyber criminals.

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