This is how you can disable Windows 11 widgets to save battery

Widgets in Windows 11. (photo: The Verge)
Widgets in Windows 11. (photo: The Verge)

One of the best features of Windows 11 are their widgets. Since microsoft confirmed the arrival of this functionality, it has become one of the most promoted features by the company.

In fact, they will soon allow developers to create their own versions of Applications of third parties. Nevertheless, Widgets are not for everyone and many people want to turn them off the first time they see them.

So, if one of those people is the one reading this article, you’ll be glad to know that is there a way to disable widgets in windows 11. In fact, there are two:

– One that allows you to hide them from the taskbar.

– And another that allows you to completely disable your services so that they no longer run in the background.

The two methods have different levels of difficulty. The first one is the simplest. and can be done by any user. The second, on the other hand, is not complicated, but of course, the user will have to enter sensitive areas in your computer with Windows 11.

But there is nothing to worry about, if the steps that TechMarkup leaves below are followed exactly, you can be completely out of danger.

This is how you can disable Windows 11 widgets

Easy method:

This is the easiest way. However, widget-related services will remain in the background. Yes, although the icons will disappear from view, this feature will continue to consume Windows 11 PC resources.

Of course, it is not an important consumption, but if you do not have a very powerful PC, You may see a slight drop in performance. But, if the user does not care much about this and his computer works fine even with desktop widgets, there is no need to worry and just follow these steps:

1. Move the mouse cursor to the taskbar of Windows 11.

2. Right click on any empty space.

3. In the context menu you will see the option Setting of taskbar. Touch on it.

4. In the section Items from the taskbar, search widgets. When found, simply tap the switch to disable them.

Clever. Now widgets should not appear on the taskbar.

Widgets in Windows 11. (Photo: WWWhat's New)
Widgets in Windows 11. (Photo: WWWhat’s New)

Advanced method:

This time you will have to go to Windows 11 registry. Yes, nothing dangerous, but it is quite a complicated menu due to all the data it contains. However, if the correct procedure is followed, it should be safe from harm.

On the other hand, this procedure it will completely disable Windows 11 widgets. In other words, even the services will stop working. This way, it will have nothing to do with running in the background and consuming your precious computer resources. These are the steps:

1. Open the box Run of Windows 11. To do so, just press the keys Windows + R. You will see a window open.

2. In the search box, type the following (without quotes): “regedit”. Press Shift+Enter, this will open the registry with administrator permissions.

3. Using the left sidebar, navigate to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoft

Windows 11. (Photo: Microsoft Docs)
Windows 11. (Photo: Microsoft Docs)

4. Right click on the Microsoft folder. In the context menu, go to New and later to Key code.

5. A folder will be created. Rename it”Dsh“, without quotation marks.

6. Touch on this new folder. now do right click in the right part of the window.

7. Go to Newand tap on DWORD value (32). Name it as “AllowNewsAndInterests“, without quotation marks.

8. When the new value is generated, do double click on it. A window will open. Assign him hexadecimaland in the Value data field write 0.

9. Press To accept to save the changes. Subsequently, close the Registry Editor window.

Widgets should no longer be a problem for the user in Windows 11. If you still see them, simply restart your computer and they will be gone forever, either until the newly created folder and value are deleted.