This is how you can configure an eSIM on the iPhone 14

This is how you can configure an eSIM on the iPhone 14
The new iPhone 14 include eSIM technology as part of its features. This allows a single device to have two data plans or phone numbers. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

The new models of iPhone 14 feature the possibility of having a virtual SIM card called eSIM.

This digital technology, which is presented as a replacement for its physical version, needs to be configured correctly so that iPhone can use a data plan and have assigned a number thanks to a cell phone operator.

In order to configure this feature, follow these steps:

– The user must open the application Setting and find the Cellular option.

-Once inside, you must click on the option Add cell plan. In case this path is not correct, another possibility is to open the Settings, click on the Mobile data option and then Add eSIM.

– After entering this option, the device user will be able to see several phones on the screen to which to transfer the plan. Because USA uses technology eSIM A while back, there was an option to move a plan from one device to another via virtual transfer, though it’s only available when both iPhone’s have the new one installed iOS 16.

Set up eSIM on an iPhone running iOS 16 (Apple)
Set up eSIM on an iPhone running iOS 16 (Apple)

– Once a plan has been successfully configured for a device to another, the operator must send a message to end the process.

Configuration via QR Code

One of the benefits of eSIMs is that they are easy to activate in a device. It only takes one QR codewhich must be delivered to the user to be scanned by the user, something that benefits the people safety because they have the possibility of being disabled remotely in case of theft or loss.

Also, once they are scanned by a device, they cannot be used again. The phone number will remain bound to the device and therefore it will not be possible to clone it.

In case the telephone operator has sent the QR code:

– Select the Use QR Code option while configuring the camera of the new device or remains in use.

– In the case of some regions, in order to configure the eSIM, you must use the path: Settings, then click on Mobile data and Add eSIM to be able to enter a QR code.

SIM to eSIM conversion

Some countries have recently enabled eSIM technology, which coexists alongside physical SIM cards. In the wake of the iPhone 14 going on sale, some people may want to leave their old device behind for an Apple smartphone with the new eSIM feature.

Set up eSIM on an iPhone running iOS 16 (Apple)
Set up eSIM on an iPhone running iOS 16 (Apple)

Depending on the country in which the user lives, some operators will allow this change without having to visit a physical store. For that, you can follow these steps:

– Enter the menu iPhone Settings and look for the Cellular option.

– Once inside, you must select the option Convert to eSIM and then click Convert Cellular Plan.

– Once the desired cellular plan has been confirmed, users will need to click Convert to eSIM and wait for it to activate.