This is How to write special characters on Mac Systems.

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Special characters are also known as dictatorial marks, sometimes we feel difficulty in adding them to our text. Because these special characters are usually from some other languages and it usually becomes difficult to write special characters on Mac.

These special characters are common in most of the languages. But sometimes we see such circumstances when English speakers need to use these special characters in their text. Here we have a guide to write special characters on Mac for native English who may have not learned adding the special characters in their texts or emails.

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By Holding the key:

To access few most common dictatorial marks, you just need to press any key on your keyboard. The menu with special characters will appear on your screen relevant to the character you typed. Simply select the character you want and it will be added to your text. You can also add them by pressing a key corresponding to number.

dictatorial marks on Mac

By keyboard Viewer:

There may be plenty of special characters that you may want to use by holding the key or by pressing the relevant number key. If you are not sure about the number key corresponding to special character you can use keyboard viewer. This is help you in getting variations of characters that can be used. Keyboard viewer can also help you in getting mathematics and scientific symbols.

characters on Mac

Didn’t find the icon? Follow the steps to get it.

To write special characters on Mac, visit the Apple Menu -> go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> click on Input Sources. At the bottom you will see a check box with a label “Show input menu in the menu bar”. Make sure to check it. The check box enables two option. One ico for emojis and the other for keyboard viewer.

Selecting the “Keyboard Viewer” option, keyboard will show special characters corresponding to a specific key. By pressing the key with the Option key, you can get the special characters corresponding to that key.


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