This is how Paco de Miguel responded to the bad faces of Lolita Cortés

Paco de Miguel at La Academia (Photo: Facebook / Paco de Miguel)

The influencer and comedian Paco de Miguel was present at the concert on Saturday August 13 in the program The academy to hand out a series of TikTok awards, but apparently to courteous lolita he didn’t like the jokes at all Paco de Miguelbecause she was annoyed at the young man’s presentation.

In response to this event, Paco de Miguel made a tiktok together with the director of The academy, alexander achand responded to the awkward moment he witnessed.

The video was uploaded to Alexander’s account and there the influencer, who usually imitates teachers and other women with a humorous tone, told the director that Lolita had been rude.

The controversial return of Lolita Cortés to La Academia (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
The controversial return of Lolita Cortés to La Academia (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

“Headmaster, please come. I had a situation with the teacher Lola, while I was there she made a face which seemed absolutely nothing to meHe made a face at me and disrespected me. So I ask you to please fix this situation or if she has a problem with me, come and fix it and tell me,” said the influencer.

For his part, Alexander Acha replied “But what can I tell her (…) I can’t control her, she comes angry, she comes with a mug, what do I do”, while she begged Miss Letty (Paco de Miguel) that the problem not escalate further.

You can even see in the video how the singer kneels before Paco so that he doesn’t accuse him with the “SEP”. “If not, I’m going to escalate this to the Ministry of Public Education and I’m going to file my complaint,” said the young man.

The sketch already has half a million views, 53 thousand likes and a thousand comments in which responses such as “Haha the good thing is that he has taken it with humor”; “My respects Paco for your work, he felt very bad vibes in the forum and you knew how to avoid it”.


#MissLety complaining to the Director about another Teacher’s snub at @La Academia #comedy @pacodemiguel you’re a great talent! 🙌🏻🤩

♬ original sound – Alexander Acha

For its part, the iron judge would not have endured the jokes and sarcastic comments made by Paco de Miguel playing one of his characters, Miss Letty. Her faces did not go unnoticed and she even said that she “wasn’t even seeing it.”

Paco de Miguel and William Valdes They were the ones chosen to deliver the special prizes that TikTok created specifically to applaud the personality of the students for the videos that circulate of them inside the house and that’s when the influencer launched the jokes.

Some of the jokes that Paco de Miguel made reference to the judge, which perhaps ended up causing her to get upset, although according to the tiktoker Paul Chagrathat was a script that they gave him and he had not written it.

And it is that when everyone thought that the awkward moment was over Miss Letty asked for a camera to request that they not vote for vanessa claudio in the category OMG What a Flow!.

Paco de Miguel as Miss Lety in La Academia (Twitter Capture)
Paco de Miguel as Miss Lety in La Academia (Twitter Capture)

“I think people would have wanted to vote for vanessa claudio because she has the greatest flow here, but you can’t because she’s not an academic. For that… can I ask for a camera? I want to ask all our viewers not to vote for her anymore, I ask, I think that Mexico… well, they can’t vote for her, “said the comedian.

With that joke, Paco de Miguel revived one of the most controversial moments that The academywhen Lola Cortés seriously asked the public not to vote for Jolette.

“I want to ask all our viewers not to vote for her anymore, I ask it from my heart, I believe that Mexico is a country that has given us excellent artists, singers, composers and I believe that the one that is having the worst time is Jolette. I ask please that you no longer vote for her because this is The Academy”, Lolita sentenced in those years.

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