This is how Google Discover works, the personalized news service

This is how Google Discover works, the personalized news service
With this option you can see the news and topics of interest

Google Discover is a function for Android phones that delivers information personalized news, blogs and other sites with topics of interest. It was previously called Google Now or Google Feed.

The objective of this tool is to help users find articles on websites that may interest them without having to go directly to the search engine, this function, like many other Google services, works with artificial intelligence with an algorithm that detects the queries and topics that have been reviewed to show suggestions.

For example, if someone ever searches for “how to take care of my cell phone battery”, Google Discover will start showing them articles and other related content such as technology topics.

Ads can also be found on Google Discover.
Ads can also be found on Google Discover.

How to set up Google Discover feed suggestions

Although Google Discover shows content that could generate interest according to the calculations of the algorithm, users also have the possibility to include new themes. These are the steps to mark them within the system:

1. On the Android cell phone, you must go to the Google Discover section, this is done by sliding the home screen to the right.

2. Touch the personal Google account marked with the thumbnail profile image or the initial of the username.

3. enter the option “Your data in search”.

4. Scroll down until you find the “Your search history” section, then tap on the arrow next to the text that says: “Saved in web and app activity”.

5. Select the “View All Activity Controls” tab located just below the “Web & App Activity” window.

6. “Web Activity”, “Location History” and “YouTube History” sections will be displayed.

7. Enter each of the sections and check or uncheck the options, as desired.

How to remove topics or stop following interests

Instructions to disable Google Discover
Instructions to disable Google Discover

Sometimes users make a query on Google that does not correspond to a topic of recurring interest and it was only a sporadic searchbut the algorithm might start suggesting related topics frequently.

1. Enter the Google Discover section on the cell phone.

2. In any of the suggested news, touch the icon of three vertical points that is located in the lower right, right next to the “Like” (Heart) icon and the share icon.

3. Enter the option “Manage interests” located fourth in the list.

4. Tap on “Your Interests”.

5. Find the topic that you no longer want to receive information about and touch the icon that is right next to the “+” enclosed in a circle.

This option is more frequent in Android than in iOS

This option is more frequent in Android than in iOS

If you want to receive news and suggestions on a specific topic more frequently, you will have to touch the “plus” icon to mark yourself as a follower.

Also, the topics can be configured as they are being suggested in the Feed, for this in any of the suggested articles you must touch the icon of the three points and then select “I am not interested” or “Do not show site content ” depending on each case.

How to turn off Google Discover

There may be users for whom the tool is not so useful or who do not like reviewing news, if this is the case, the following steps should be followed.

1. Sign in to Google Discover.

2. Access the account options by tapping on the profile image or initial of the username.

3. Tap on “Settings”.

4. Click on “General” which is the first option on the list.

5. Touch the button that says “Discover” to deactivate it, it should be gray.