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This is how Giga manga works, a page to draw with Japanese style

Jig Sleeve is a web application developed by Google, which allows you to draw characters with Japanese aesthetics.

The service is part of Google Arts & Culturethe platform from which the company seeks to make art known in different forms.

With Giga Manga, it is possible to make a character in a few minutes, without being an expert in the art of drawing. The page, powered by machine learning, converts the traces into a well-defined graphic.

Google promises users that they will be able to create their own character with the help of artificial intelligence. It is possible to opt for the free drawing option or for “the magic pencil” or magic pen that allows the system to interpret what the user wants to graph to give it a final touch.

At the end of the design, the tool will help the user to find other graphics similar to the one made. Added to this service is an informative guide with data on manga, the most outstanding artists, important collections in the history of this aesthetic and much more. To make use of this tool you have to enter here.

Another interesting development of Google Arts & Culture, also based on machine learning, is Art Selfie whatue allows users to find their double in works of art from a photo. Just upload a selfie and in five seconds the screen shows the similarities in the world of painting.

The platform, which was developed in partnership with more than 650 institutions from 68 countries around the world, is based on computer vision technology and machine learning. From the portraits of Frida Kahlo to the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci have nurtured this project.

Thanks to machine learning, this program allows you to live an interactive experience with the world of art and learn more about works and artists.

Upon finding his double, the user could be curious to learn everything about the indicated work. Who painted the painting? Did that person really exist that the system finds similar? Who was he? What was he doing? The platform offers information for the user to answer their concerns and thus go deeper into the world of art.

As can be seen, the development of machine learning has allowed various developments in recent years that allow some strokes to be converted into small works of art, as proposed in Giga Manga or Art Selfie.

Another platform based on this same logic is the project developed three years ago by the video game company NCSoft, which transforms faces into anime characters.

The software with which it was made is an open source based on antagonistic generative networks (better known by its acronym in English GANs), that is, they are two networks where one generates samples of what it wants to create and the other discriminates against the attempts of the first until they find the desired result.

This technology was used so that the algorithm learned to draw from a lots of animated face pictures.

Those responsible for the tool, which are Junho Kim, Minjae Kim, Hyeonwoo Kang, and Kwanghee Lee, posted it on GitHub. In addition, the details of the investigation are available on the ArXiv platform.

Voilà Al Artist’ (or ‘Here is the artist’, translated from French to Spanish), is another program that allows you to unleash your imagination. It is very easy to use and had a significant spike in popularity last year when it was released. It is a software that only needs a photo and the user’s creativity to turn it into an animated character.

The application has three options or functions that allow you to transform either your own photo (selfie), that of a family member, friend, acquaintance or whoever you want in just a few steps.



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