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This is how Elon Musk mocked the team that verifies offensive posts on Twitter

Elon MuskCEO of Tesla, a few days ago proposed to buy Twitter, ensuring that it will make it more plural and benefit users, however, the platform’s response has been slow. At halftime, the billionaire is cracking some jokes about the social network’s advice.


Through his Twitter account, the billionaire published an image of six people in robes and with completely dark faces standing in a half circle, as if it were a scene from a horror movie, saying that they are the council that reviews the publications.

“shadow ban council reviewing a tweet…” he wrote.

Thus mocked the twitter team that decides if a post is offensive and should be removed from the platform. He depicted them as dark and powerful beings who are in control of everything.


And it is that before having mocked the “shadow ban council”, he published a meme in which he appears Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, next to the emoji of a pregnant man, to show the resemblance between the two. But The most controversial is the phrase with which he accompanied the image.

“In case you need to lose an erection fast.”

The image of Bill Gates being compared to a pregnant transsexual man added to the South African’s comment could be a reason for Twitter to decide to ban (remove) the publication. Therefore, moments later he added another image where he mocked the platform’s advice.


And it is that according to Elon Musk, Twitter has some things that need to be changed, one of them is the rules on publications. He has said that if he acquires the platform it will allow more freedom of expression.

Likewise, he assures that if he is the new CEO of the social network, he will make all users verify their identity to avoid spam from bots. Despite the offer to buy the platform for 41 million dollars in cash, no response has been received.

Musk has been highly critical of the social media platform in recent weeks, especially as he believes it falls short of free speech principles.. The company has angered supporters of Donald Trump and other far-right politicians whose accounts were suspended for violating its content guidelines on violence, hate or disinformation. Some of Musk’s tweets have also caused legal problems before.


It should be remembered that Musk is the largest individual shareholder of the platform of social media after amassing a large stake in the company this year, amounting to 9.1% of the firm. He was also briefly the company’s largest global shareholder, until investment firm Vanguard increased its stake to 10.3% of the company, according to an SEC report first published by the Wall Street Journal.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that the billionaire would join its board of directorsbut a few days later Musk retracted the decision.

Since then, he remembered Business Insider, Twitter’s board of directors has said it will deploy a “poison pill” defense — also known as a shareholder rights plan — to reject Musk’s takeover bid. This plan consists of increasing the total number of shares in the company, which makes it difficult for any interested party to buy all the shares.

Musk is the richest person in the world, with a net worth estimated at $255 billionaccording to the Billionaires Index of Bloomberg.


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