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This is how cheaters will be avoided in FIFA 23

FIFA 23. (photo: EA)

Approaches FIFA 23 Y Electronic Arts he doesn’t want cheaters to screw up the release. The PC version of the game will integrate an “anti-cheat” system called EA AntiCheateither EAACand the company has detailed how it works.

It will be at the kernel level (core or heart of an operating system) and is intended to prevent malicious users from taking advantage of cross-platform play to take advantage of players of a certain console.

The studio has tended to develop its own anti-cheat solution, considering that the tools provided by third parties are “unknown” to them. In this sense, Electronic Arts has prominently mentioned the impossibility of customizing its implementation to your liking, especially in terms of security.

“With EAAC, we exercise full ownership of the security and privacy situation, so we can fix security issues as soon as they arise,” the official blog says.

Of course, the integration of this type of technology in FIFA 23 has awakened some doubts among the public, although the developers promise that, unlike gadgets like Denuvo, it will not affect its performance. Users will have to wait for the game to hit the market to see if that is actually the case.

EA creates a new anti-cheat system for FIFA 23

Electronic Arts has clarified that EAAC will not be included in all of its new games. The goal is to do a case-by-case analysis with developers, but as a rule, focus your mix on titles with strong online gaming and competitive profiles.

However, it should be noted that the FIFA 23 anti-cheat system it will not be limited to online multiplayer or FUT. This will also affect individual game modes.

FIFA 23. (photo:
FIFA 23. (photo:

According to EA, the second is not a whim. The studio wants to prevent bad users from taking advantage of the single player mode to perform game tricks. reverse engineering and then apply them when competing against others. The developers explain: “it is necessary to protect the single player game modes to hinder the development of cheats”

EA AntiCheat will only work when FIFA 23 is running to prevent it from consuming resources in one pc needlessly. Furthermore, the company guarantees that the anti-cheat system will be uninstalled after the game is also removed from the system.

Users will even be able to remove EAAC from their computers individually, but if they do, they won’t be able to run the game. FIFA 23 available on September 30 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox SeriesX | yes, PS4, PS5, Stadia Y Switch.

FIFA 23. (photo: Alpha Beta)
FIFA 23. (photo: Alpha Beta)

Electronic Arts confirms the top 5 players in FIFA 23

1. Karim Benzema – 91 PIR

– Rhythm: 80

– Shooting: 88

– Pass: 83

– Dribble: 87

– Defense: 39

– Physical: 78

– Position: DC

Robert Lewandowski – 91 PIR

– Pace: 75

– Shooting: 91

– Pass: 79

– Dribble: 86

– Defense: 44

– Physical: 83

– Position: DC

Kylian Mbappé – 91 PIR

– Pace: 97

– Shot: 89

– Pass: 80

– Dribble: 92

– Defense: 36

– Physical: 76

– Position: DC

Kevin De Bruyne – 91 PIR

– Pace: 74

– Shot: 88

– Pass: 93

– Dribble: 87

– Defense: 64

– Physical: 77

– Position: CM

Lionel Messi – 91 PIR

– Pace: 81

– Shot: 89

– Pass: 90

– Dribble: 94

– Defense: 34

– Physical: 64

– Position: ED

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