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This is how Alyssa Sutherland became the deadite of ‘Infernal Possession: The Awakening’

This is how Alyssa Sutherland became the deadite of 'Infernal Possession: The Awakening'

Horror movie lovers have fallen for the charms of Infernal Possession: The Awakeningthe new installment of the franchise evil dead that recovers the bloodiest side of the work of Sam Raimi. Under the orders of filmmaker Lee Cronin (Cursed Forest), with whom Raimi worked on the series 50 States of Frightthe film has already grossed more than 90 million dollars at the international box office and has focused attention especially on its horrifying protagonist, a demonic mother played by Alyssa Sutherland.

Art runs through Sutherland’s veins, who has already demonstrated his talent in Vikings and The Devil Wears Prada, now fully entering her facet as a horror actress after forays into the genre with the series The fog and the film hidden fear. An interpretive side that fell in love with the australian that showed every detail behind the construction of the deaditethe demonic spirit controlled by the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

These weeks, Alyssa Sutherland shared a series of hilarious posts from the filming set on her social networks, starting with his long stint in the chair of makeup and special effects. Later, the actress also showed videos having fun between sequences, with details such as opening credits scene that has fallen in love with many viewers. Some clips with curiosities of the title to which Cronin also joined.

Among the most frantic and chilling elements of the Infernal Possession: The Awakening we found your soundsupervised by the Danish Peter Albrechtsen (The Cave, The murderer of two lovers). A terrifying atmosphere that out of context sounds as delirious as in the video shared by Sutherland on his Twitter account.

To this aura was added the soundtrack created by composer Stephen McKeonwho has already worked with Cronin on Cursed Forest and who was also responsible in the past for the music of The basement, Nuclear either Rose’s interpretation.

Under the production of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinemathe film crew has also launched behind the scenes on YouTube, where we saw the best moments of a shoot full of tricks to surprise the public. One of the great keys to the success of this new installment of the saga, which again had Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as producers.

Infernal Possession: The Awakening focuses on the history of Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), who is not having a good run. Mother of three children, her husband has abandoned them and the building in which they live, a dilapidated antique, is going to be demolished. In addition, she receives a surprise visit from her irresponsible sister of hers Beth de ella (Lily Sullivan), which adds to that an earthquake exposes a crypt with a book that her children are reading, causing Ellie to transform into something evil.

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