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This is how all iPhone photos are improved without downloading apps

iPhone photo.  (photo: Five Days)
iPhone photo. (photo: Five Days)

the chamber of iPhoneand all devices Manzana Overall, it’s one of the most feature-rich on the market. Although they have a 12 megapixel resolutioncompared to some others devices which have certain disadvantages, the operating system (iOS) successfully optimizes the quality of portrait photos for the best effect.

Nevertheless, many users are unaware of the true power of these devices and limit the intake of Photographs without knowing its maximum capacity.

That is why Infoabae has prepared this note where it will be explained how to improve the image of Apple devices, especially the iPhone. The best thing is that you will not need to download any application from third parties or pay anything extra.

RAW or HEIC depending on the amount of light

First on the list is change the format to RAW or HEIC version. With this option you will be able to have all the information of the photos and the possibility of editing them, since this format contains a greater amount of data for each photo.

It is recommended to use RAW when there is a lot of ambient light Y HEIC in low light. The results can be surprising. That yes, it is necessary to know that this format occupies more weight in the memory of the smartphone.

RAW or HEIC on an iPhone.  (photo: iPhone Diary)
RAW or HEIC on an iPhone. (photo: iPhone Diary)

photographic styles

Another very interesting resource is to use the photography styles that come with the iPhone 13. Thanks to that, you can choose a ‘subject’ for the photos to be taken.

The plus is that the skin tone and other elements of the photo are respected. Here you can choose between Contrast Strong, Bright, Warm or Cool, and also modify the tone and warmth at your own pleasure. It should be noted that this style of photography will remain until they are manually deactivated.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cameras. (Photo: K-tuin)
iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cameras. (Photo: K-tuin)

Lock exposure and focus

Last but not least, there is the trick of exposure and focus adjustment. To achieve this, simply tap somewhere on the screen for a few seconds. three seconds to block both focus and light.

You can then drag up and down to manually adjust the exposure.

In addition, focus will also be locked, so you can zoom in or out on the subject to create the bokeh addition that the photo already has.

iPhone exposure.  (photo: AulaClic)
iPhone exposure. (photo: AulaClic)

3 apps to edit photos


This application has become very popular due to its easy use, as its success is due more to its ability to provide editors with simple and modern photo editing options.

It is a good option for users of iPhone either Android they have their own style and they know how they want to show it in their photos.

Vsco allows you to create montages with photos and videos
Vsco allows you to create montages with photos and videos

Adobe Lightroom

This app is a classic that never goes out of style as it is one of the most popular editors for mobile and desktop versions and its goal is to easily edit photos.

It can play with the shadows, lighting or saturation of the images, and also have access to more specialized tools in RAW format.

iOS Y Android It offers it from a free version to a paid version.

Adobe Lightroom.  (photo: Ideaweb)
Adobe Lightroom. (photo: Ideaweb)

YouCam Perfect

Regardless of the user’s skill level as a photographer or image editor, this free photo app allows edit photos and create collages, among many other creative functions.

Photos can be edited on iPhone or Android with a variety of effects, animations, mixes or frames.

You Cam Perfect.  (photo: Master of Computing)
You Cam Perfect. (photo: Master of Computing)


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