This is ‘Golpe de Luck’, the latest from Woody Allen that is already being compared to ‘Match Point’ and ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’

According to what he says in his autobiography, Woody Allen regrets never having directed a great film. Yes he is proud of a couple of them, like Manhattan, Annie Hall or, the last of those named, Wonder Wheel, which arrived in Spain in 2017. In fact, the filmmaker believes that if Kate Winslet was not nominated for an Oscar for her role, it was because she was harmed by a certain popular “hurricane”: that is, the reappearance of those old ghosts that not even a favorable ruling Allen has been able to conjure. But that is another story. One that has already been talked about too much.

At the Venice Film Festival, Woody Allen presented his latest film, Stroke of luck. With it, he reaches fifty titles, a feat that can only be explained thanks to the New Yorker’s inexhaustible ingenuity and his superhuman capacity for work (he is the author of the script for all of his works and the protagonist of more than a third of them). From 1982 to 2017, Allen punctually attended his appointment with the theaters at the rate of one film per year. Then the hurricane came and he has lived around it ever since. Therefore, many consider that after Stroke of luck there will be nothing and this could be your farewell.

Release date of ‘Luck of Luck’

It may not be the right time to take Rotten Tomatoes as a reference, but the truth is that, after its screening in Venice, Luck has kept records on this page that no film by the director has come close to since Blue Jasmine, just ten years ago. At the moment, it has an 85% approval rate, thus doubling the percentage that obtained its previous degree, Rifkin’s Festival. For lovers of Allen’s films, obviously, this has forced them to declare a state of euphoria. The director said goodbye to them in the best possible way.

Since then, there has been no choice but to wait for the premiere of Stroke of luck. In Spain, there are no reasons to do it any longer: this September 29Woody Allen’s new and perhaps last work will hit theaters.

Filming of ‘Luck of Luck’ with Woody Allen

Cast of ‘Luck of Luck’

After Hollywood, as a whole, turned its back on him (with the exception of a few faithful ones, such as Diane Keaton, Scarlett Johansson or Wallace Shawn), Woody Allen has had to look for his actors in Europe. In Rifkin’s Festivalthe cast was filled with Spaniards, like Elena Anaya either Sergi Lopez but, in it, some Frenchmen also sneaked in, like Louis Garrel. Now, the filmmaker has decided to cast his cast solely and exclusively with performers from the neighboring country: the protagonists of Stroke of luck are Lou de Laage (The inocents), Niels Schneider (imaginary loves) and Melvil Poupaud (summer tale).

Scene from the movie 'Luck of Luck'
Scene from the movie ‘Luck of Luck’

Synopsis of ‘Blow of Luck’

Crime without punishment is one of Woody Allen’s favorite themes, and also the one that has received the most psychoanalytic treatments for issues as obvious as they are childish. Until now, he had addressed it in Crimes and misdemeanors, match point either Irrational manmovies with which Stroke of luck It has been compared even before it was filmed. As soon as its synopsis was revealed (a love triangle in which one of its vertices begins to be unnecessary), Allen’s film was added, preventively, to a shelf that the director seems to have organized under the influence of DostoevskYo.

The first criticisms reinforced this conviction: Stroke of luck Not only was it related to the titles mentioned but, in the opinion of some, I could look into the eyes Match Point and over the shoulder to Irrational man. In conclusion, Allen has said goodbye to cinema in France, but not in the French way.

The beginning of Woody Allen's tour outside of New York is also the best of his European films... and perhaps of his entire filmography.  Even Woody Allen's biggest critic believes it: Woody Allen.  “You can say that it is my best film.  It was accidental, I try to do them all right, but it doesn't always work and with this one it turned out well.
‘Match Point’.

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