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This is Deep Work, the study and work method of Bill Gates that promises success

This is Deep Work, the study and work method of Bill Gates that promises success
Bill Gates. (photo: Inc. Magazine)

One of Bill Gates’ most famous methods is the so-called “deep work” either “Deep Work”which requires a person to focus on what is really profitable in terms of productivity, eliminating all the distractions that a person may perhaps have around him like others articles either electronics devices.

And it makes a lot of sense. How many times have you had to evaluate a job, be it for a boss or for a final university exam, but for some reason you get distracted by the television, a Tablet, social networks or some Web pagewithout paying attention to what really had to be done.


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This is the method of success according to Bill Gates

To successfully use this method, you have to find all the distractions around you and remove them from your workplace. If you have renounced all those elements that can bother you during work, now is the time to organize the space that surrounds the person.

The next step is “time blocking” (block time), that is, allocate certain hours to the different objectives that you want to achieve, choosing the hours in which you are most awake and most eager to work, for example in the morning or early in the afternoon .

Bill Gates studying at 18 years old.  (photo: Facebook)
Bill Gates studying at 18 years old. (photo: Facebook)

After that, you have to invest in a intense but short day and of course, with flexibility in the breaksallowing one to concentrate effectively on work, but knowing that soon after there will be a moment of relaxation.

However, this Gates method strongly recommends three to four hours of intensive use, because after a longer time, it is very difficult for a person to act effectively, because the brain also needs to rest.

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Two tips from Bill Gates to improve the performance of an office

Earlier this year, the tycoon shared with Vanity Fair magazine some aspects that should never be missing in a work office. He assured that with these two points there will be productivity improvements.

1. Being surrounded by a technological environment

First of all, he recommends an office with several screens connected to the PC. In part this is due to the fact that Bill Gates runs a technology company, still, he recommends having a broad view of the work. On his personal desk there are no traces of paper, but there are three monitors linked to his CPU, creating a completely technological environment.

“Once you try that huge display area, there is no turning back. Many people think that the mixed reality It is only for games or entertainment, but the uses go much further,” he assured the magazine.

Work with multiple screens.  (photo: Nitropc)
Work with multiple screens. (photo: Nitropc)

2. Read as much as possible

The founder of Microsoft He is a recognized book lover and sometimes recommends titles through his social networks, since part of the knowledge that led him to be one of the most influential men in the world has emerged from those pages.

In his office there are always books, among which stands out ‘The catcher in the rye’ or ‘The hidden hunter’depending on the publisher that did the translation, by the writer JD Salinger.

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