This is an option to search for dates and a partner online

This is an option to search for dates and a partner online
This is a new option to meet attractive people with money
This is a new option to meet attractive people with money

It is a new application that reaches Latin America so that single people can meet others with the same tastes and interests.

This platform called Layk, made its official launch in Bogotá (Colombia) where they attended entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and actors.

As for the mobile application, it claims to be the first social network for singles, created in 2019, which has a different purpose than others, and is to find lasting couples with clear goals for life.

Likewise, the new dating site informs that the idea of ​​its interface working as a social network is so that users do not feel pressured to look perfect to others, but on the contrary, they show themselves as they are and thus, create fun dialogue spaces with the other contacts, making getting a partner a consequence and not the end on this platform.

However, it seems that getting a profile in this application is not that simple, because according to its creators one of its priorities is security, so the only way to enter is by receiving an invitation from someone who is already on the platform.

Otherwise, they must go through a selection process in which their profiles will be constantly verified and reviewed by administrators and moderators of the community who will be in charge of ensuring that no incidents occur or the rules are not complied with.

The dating application is available for installation on iOS and Android and it is expected that by the end of this year it will reach different countries such as Spain, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and all of Central America.

Jorge Beltrán Liévano, founder of the platform, indicates that in 2020 more than 45% of Colombians have used a dating application, largely due to confinement.

That is why, together with his team, they have created a space where people can connect as they would in real life, in a natural, calm and unforced way. And that’s why Within the application, real events and meetings are planned to take human contact beyond a simple chat.

In addition, within the social network, forums and groups can be created so that users can generate conversation spaces around topics of interest such as “wine lovers” or lovers of streaming series.