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This is Alekséi Panin, the Russian actor who lives in Torrevieja and who Putin has put “in search and capture” accused of justifying terrorism

This is Alekséi Panin, the Russian actor who lives in Torrevieja and who Putin has put

The war between Russia and Ukraine is the order of the day and cases that leave us frozen do not stop coming out. The tension has been extrapolated this time to the world of cinema in this country, in particular towards the Russian actor Alexei Paninagainst whom a criminal case is pending for “justifying terrorism” and who is now inNo search and capture according to the Russian Ministry of Interior.

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The interpreter made some unpleasant publications for the Russian government about the attack on the Crimean bridge in October last year. The file of the actor, who has participated in several films and series on Russian television, appeared in the database of people declared in search and capture of the Ministry of the Interior. Even he himself has shared this on his social networks file ordering his immediate arrest by Putin’s authorities.

Alekséi Panin, a few days after performing in Torrevieja

Actually, the words of Alexei Panin that have caused blisters in the Russian government were that “does not consider Crimea to be Ukraine” also hurling insults at the Crimean Tatars. But it’s been a few years since the actor left Russia and, since 2020, he lives in Torrevieja, where he planned to present ‘Banca’, one of his works, at the Theater ‘El Faro’ on May 27 of this same year.

He himself made an appeal on his social networks to acclaim that the public see his performance and with whom he shares the scene with the Ukrainian actress Vera Kutsenko. “Honesty and lies, contempt and tenderness, longing and intimacy are intertwined minute by minute in an incredible mosaic of experiences.” This is how the very profile of the theater tells the story of this play.

Alexei Panin films

  • Demobilized (2000)
  • The Romanovs: An Imperial Family (2000)
  • In August 1944 (2001)
  • Down (2001)
  • The Star (2002)
  • Dead Man’s Lantern (2005)
  • Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon (2008)
  • Best Movie 2 (2009)
  • O lucky man! (2009)
  • Spy (2012)

Just a week ago, Panin was enjoying a few days in the Universal Studios of Hollywood. She thus showed it with a photo where she boasted of having achieved a dream: “An idiot’s dream come true!” She also shared a video in the Harry Potter universe, immersed in the magic of this theme park.

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