This ‘Harry Potter’ actress is still upset by how little her character appears in the movies: “Many scenes from the books were cut”

Although its last installment was released 12 years ago, the saga Harry Potter keep giving something to talk about. Is now Bonnie Wright, the actress who gave life to Ginny Weasley in the movies, who remembers with good vibes (more or less…) how his character was reduced to almost nothing when adapting the novels of JK Rowling to the movies.

When they signed her to play the little sister of Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and future wife of Harry himself (Daniel Radcliffe), Wright was nine years old. Turning thirty, the actress just expressed her disappointment on the Inside Of You podcast (via Deadline).

“I strongly believe that I was anxious to perform and do my best while my character was being built,” recalls Wright. “And that was always difficult, especially when, inevitably, many of the character scenes in the books were cut when adapting them to the movies, so you didn’t have much to show for it.”

“Sometimes that was a little disappointing,” Wright continues, “because there were parts of the character that didn’t come out because there weren’t scenes to do it.” “That made me feel anxious, or just frustrated,” summarizes.

In fact, Wright remembers that his only line of dialogue in harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone it was due to a courtesy of the director Chris Columbus, who added her to the film during filming.

“The first line I had in the movie, which was just one, was given to me on the same day. [Columbus] said: ‘I think you need a line’, and that’s why I say ‘good luck’ to Harry,” he explains. “Sometimes I would read the lines of hermione [Emma Watson] because they didn’t have scenes for me, so I was like, ‘You’re going to have to take them from this character.

As for the possibility of negotiating with the producers to give Ginny a leading role, it was something that was not even discussed, adds Bonnie Wright. “There was no opportunity to change those scripts because there were a million executives reviewing them,” remember.

In this way, the young actress then felt anxious and frustrated, thinking that the fans potterians they were going to hate her for not doing Ginny justice. “Then I realized that they were not giving me the opportunity to do it. So it wasn’t my fault.” Luckily, he adds, those same fans were understanding.

“When fans explain their disappointment to me, they always tell me: ‘We know it wasn’t you, we just wanted to see you more,” he says. “And that’s the same thing with all the characters. I wish the movies could have lasted five hours.”

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