Home Android This can be the huge external display of the Z Flip5

This can be the huge external display of the Z Flip5

This can be the huge external display of the Z Flip5


Samsung is putting the finishing touches on the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 devices, as far as the exterior is concerned, after all, production and preparations for the August-September presentation are starting slowly. While the external parameters of the tablet/phone hybrid can remain roughly unchanged with a 6.2″ external display, but when folded to a thickness of around 13 mm, the development of the handset can be more spectacular.

(source: Super Roader) [+]

On the one hand, Samsung can get rid of the crease pattern of the bendable panel, and the hinge can be teardrop-shaped, in principle keeping out dust as well as water. On the other hand, the external panel around the cameras can grow from 1.9″ to 3.4″, and user render images have just arrived.

However, it is worth noting that while the Super Roader has two panels on the outside: a small one next to the two optics and the LED flash, and a larger one below them, until Ice Universe a single, 1:1.038 ratio path, i.e. essentially square. This can easily accommodate more data, as one of the legitimate criticisms of the Z Flip4 is that the external display can be used for few things.

The possible exterior panel of the Razre 2023 (source: Evan Blass)

We have already added that the clamshell phone competing on the design line almost had a recycled exterior stuck in previous years, and although the images of the Super Roader are probably more favorable than the reality, with enough innovation the Flip could once again become the star of the desktop company. This can also come in handy, because the Motorola Razr 2023 is also mentioned with a large external panel, and it would not go well if Samsung, which passes most foldables, was at a disadvantage in design.

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