This Brad Pitt space adventure will soon disappear from Netflix: you have 7 days to watch it

Netflix continues to make renovations for the fall season. The platform needs space to house all the horror films that it is about to receive in its catalog. There are only a few weeks left until Halloween and moviegoers are very busy choosing the titles that will accompany them until the night of the spirits. One of them, Sister deathcomes from Spain, since the prequel to Veronica will land on Netflix days before October 31.

These additions have a counterpart: the platform must say goodbye, at least temporarily, to many of its films and series. Among those who will leave during the next week, there is a delivery of Men in black (MIB: Internationalon October 8) and a thriller by Calparsoro, starring two specialists in the genre, Luis Tosar and Jose Coronado (One hundred years of forgivenessOctober 9th).

Luis Tosar is one of the protagonists of ‘One Hundred Years of Forgiveness’

The same day that Calparsoro’s film disappears, so will one of Calparsoro’s last feature films. Brad Pitta divisive film that generated warring factions among the public: some praised its beauty and restraint to the point of calling it the most beautiful space odyssey ever filmed (despite knowing of the existence of a certain Odyssey in space); and others, after fighting hard against sleep throughout their two hours of footage, left the room enraged. Your title is Ad Astra.

What is ‘Ad Astra’ about?

Referring to it as an odyssey was not gratuitous, since this film by James Gray reconstructs the story of Homer from the perspective of the son, a Telemachus who, instead of waiting on his island (in this case, the planet Earth) for the father’s return, he decides to go out in search of him. This astronaut, played by Brad Pitt, will have to go far from his home and enter the confines of the solar system, where he will be at the complete mercy of the universe.

The film 'Ad Astra' leads the Spanish box office
‘Ad Astra’

In addition to Brad Pitt, who won the Oscar that same year for once upon a time in hollywood (also available on Netflix), Ad Astra It has in its distribution Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and Liv Tyler.

Where can I watch ‘Ad Astra starting next Monday?

Being a title as popular as it is recent, Ad Astra It is found on more platforms, apart from Netflix. Therefore, if you want to see it and you are not a customer of the red streaming service, you can find it in the catalog of HBO Max and Disney Plus.

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