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This application allows you to rent drills, video games, motorcycles or any object

Photo courtesy of Juan Pablo Triviño, CEO of Renttu.

Juan Pablo TrivinoCEO of Renttuspoke exclusively with TechMarkup to explain how this app It allows rent Any item that a person is not using frequently or that was purchased a while ago and was left unused.

“Renttu was born with the idea of ​​being able to generate a platform where people could have a different option to generate income. We found that there was an opportunity to solve this problem and it is to give life to all those things that we have stored at home and we do not use, such as a drill, bicycle, ladder, guitar, among others,” he explained..

This is an application of rental and sale of goods and services that it operates in Colombia for 12 months and that he is close to obtaining his first 50,000 users. The CEO also defines it as “a collaborative economy platform that connects the Colombian item rental market and allows everyone to take something they need but cannot buy.”

Likewise, they are in an investment round with which the international leap is sought. Basically they are inviting investment funds and natural persons to be part of the company to achieve a goal that they have set for the middle of next year: “we hope that in Mexico City our business model can be developed”, he said exclusively Triviño to TechMarkup.

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What can be found on this platform

“People also offer not only articles, but also services such as workspaces or for holding events,” he says. Triviño.

“Today we are the company that rents the most work motorcycles for people who work in the delivery In colombia. Here there are more than 500,000 people who have this trade and most of them are people who came to work in this because there was no other option… monthly we are renting about 1,000 motorcycles to work on delivery platforms”, he said.

A few weeks ago it exceeded the figure of 3,000 transactions successfully on its platform, which according to its creator, is increasingly important in the cities of Bogota, Barranquilla Y Medellinbut they hope that the application will gain more strength in other cities of the country.

Renttu.  (photo: Juan Pablo Triviño)
Renttu. (photo: Juan Pablo Triviño)

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Rules and use of technology for renting an object

1. For the customer

The first thing that is done when a person registers in the application is, with technology and artificial intelligencevalidate all personal data:

– Background check (criminal and illegal).

– Review of credit reports.

– Review of traffic reports.

– Confirmation with biometrics that the identity document is original.

– Confirmation of where the user works and lives.

2. To the owner of the item

– When an item is rented “it covers a maximum of 10 times the rental value, a maximum of USD$200 in case of damage or loss”.

– The tenant has the option to confirm the client’s data before starting the rental and, in the worst case, not accept the reservation (if something strange is seen).

– Claims are thoroughly investigated and if claims are false or repeated, the renter may be suspended from the platform.

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