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This app allows you to create 3D models with the iPhone camera

Epic Gamesdesigners of Fortnite and engines of Unreal Engine, has announced RealityScan, a new application that creates 3D models with the camera of the iPhone. The app takes images of an object from various corners to handle them and generate the model.

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RealityScan has been based on construction tools with a software photography used for create loyal performances of an object or structure. The techniques are widely used by special video effects and development, though you need to have a good camera and follow safe steps to take a better shot.

This app uses the same principle of taking multiple photos, only in a simpler way to democratize the creation of 3D objects. RealityScan guides users through the augmented reality and interactive feedback. Once the images are taken, they are processed and a model is created that can be published or sold on SketchFab.

The video shows a person sweeping an old sofa with the iPhone. The end result, available in SketchFab, is a detailed model of nearly 100,000 triangles that looks good enough to wear on a play or architecture project.

Epic Games Strategy

At first glance, RealityScan is not very different from what exists in other photometric applications, although Its advantage lies in the technology that drives it.

RealScan development has been executed on behalf of CapturingReality and quixel, two companies that are from Epic Games, which are dedicated to scanning the surface. While the former competes with AGISOFT for the throne of best photogrammetry software, the latter is a leader in the sale of digital properties thanks to its Megascans store.

“RealityScan is the first step in our journey to make 3D scanning available to all creators. We believe this tool will greatly help people of all skill sets better understand the basics of scanning, bridging the gap between beginners and professionals.” mentions Epic Games in its official statement.

Although the creator of Fortnite seeks to fill the gap between an ordinary person and a photographic expert with a DSLR or a drone, the goal is still further away.

Objects can be scanned with RealityScan and download samples in SketchFab (owned by Epic Games) to share or sell them. The 3D model can be integrated with non-real engines and combined with other objects from the Megascans library.

RealityScan is to photogrammetry like Live Link Faces to capture facial expressions. Both apps find ways to make the technical process easier, but the end goal is the same: “stay in our ecosystem”.

The same can be said from MetahumanCreator, another app for creating digital characters and integrating them with unrealistic engines.

Epic Games claims are available in beta with a limited to 10,000 users via TestFlight. Places are currently running out, so you have to wait a few months for access to be extended to more people on iOS soon.

On the other hand, if there are smartphone users Android, unfortunately they will have to wait until the end of the year, when the beta version of this is released OS.

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