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This Amazon series chronicles the lives of programmers and software developers

Latin America faces a high demand for programmers in (photo: Abiztar)

The high demand for programmers and software developers in Latin America is once again in the news, according to figures from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) by 2025 the information technology industry will need to employ 1.2 million programmers in the region, however, achieving it will be a challenge for the different Latin governments and companies.

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For example, In Colombia, the gap in professionals in the technology sector, especially in IT, is 53,000 positions, but by 2025 it could increase to 200,000 unfilled positions in programming. The foregoing are analyzes made by the Fedesoft IT Observatory and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies.

The situation between the different nations of Latin America does not seem to vary, and it also extends to other technological sectors beyond communications, for example, in the cybersecurity industry the company Mnemo, informs that the deficit of workers is one million vacancies that have not been able to occupy the entire subcontinent.

Likewise, this is not a situation that affects only the technology industry, because just as more workers are needed every day in programming and software development, those who are interested in working in these areas will need to evolve as changes in the habits of consumption of human society, since the World Economic Forum (WEF for its acronym in English) predicted that for this year more than 42% of all jobs in the sector would change significantly and professionals will need to acquire new skills such as the use of advanced analytics, co-creation tools and design thinking.

Developer Series

The television show called Cod3rs Championshipwas produced by the technology company IBM, the marketing agency Ogilvy and the content production company StoryLab, and presents the life experience of several people from Latin America working as developers and the motivations that led them to specialize in this discipline.

It should be noted that the 20 people who appear in the series recounting their testimonies as programmers and showing their projects, were the finalists of a competition organized in 2020 by IBM where the participants faced different challenges of working life as developers.

The creation of this type of content could help many people who do not know what to do professionally to make a decision and clarify their questions, since this project is an initiative that encourages people to specialize in this type of work that is found in high demand.

Tonny Martins, general manager of IBM Technology for Latin America, pointed out that “the labor market continues to evolve by leaps and bounds and totally disruptive talent and skills are increasingly required to create a new world.”

The series is available in Amazon Prime Video.


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