Home Entertainment “Thirty-Nine” Korean Drama About the Value of True Friendship

“Thirty-Nine” Korean Drama About the Value of True Friendship

“Thirty-Nine” Korean Drama About the Value of True Friendship

Drama about the romance and everyday life of three friends who are about to turn 40 and their relationships with life, work, love and loss. (Netflix)

Thirty nine is a 2022 romance dramadirected by Kim Sang Ho and starring son ye-jin (crash landing on your heart Y Under the rain), Jeon Mido Y Kim Ji Hyun. The series focuses on the real life and loves of three friends who are about to turn forty, adult women who met at eighteen and have maintained a strong union ever since. The Korean production consists of 12 chapters.

As mentioned in the title, Thirty nine it will make you cry; she will make you have many lump in your throat as you see her through Netflix. Although this drama disappointed many, it will remain one of the best on their list for others. I will tell you why below.

"Thirty Nine" is a drama starring o Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji-hyeon, Son Ye-jin.  (Netflix)
“Thirty Nine” is a drama starring o Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji-hyeon, Son Ye-jin. (Netflix)

Thirty nine It will tell the beautiful life stories of 3 39-year-old women who encounter continual unforeseen circumstances. One of them is a chief dermatologist at a well-known clinic, another of the girls dreamed of becoming an actress but ended up becoming an acting teacher, and lastly, the other member is a cosmetics manager at a store.

This story begins with a close friendship of three women who are approaching 40, with new habits and old ones that are not lost. They are at a stage in their lives where they don’t beat around the bush, but they also can’t put aside the embarrassment and childish moments that come to the fore when you’re with someone you trust. That was what they painted us in the first advances.

JTBC and Lotte Cultureworks are the producers of "Thirty Nine."  Just as JTBC and Netflix are its distributors.  (Netflix)
JTBC and Lotte Cultureworks are the producers of “Thirty Nine.” Just as JTBC and Netflix are its distributors. (Netflix)

This production will surely make you laugh and cry, and perhaps some will even identify with the story. In itself, the three characters in this fiction have a very beautiful story.

let’s start with Cha Mi-jo (son ye-jin). Although it can be seen that her life is stable, she has a good family, a group of exceptional friends and a good job; Her pain and fears come to the fore when one of her best friends is diagnosed with a terminal illness. So, while she accompanies and supports her friend in the process, she will also be affected when some situations remind her of the pain of abandonment caused by her biological mother. This character has such a great emotional charge that it is reflected in her health.

Then we have Jung Chan Yeong (Jeon Mi-do), a character like a ray of light in the group of friends. She is quite outgoing, a bit perverted, and has a double entendre for almost everything. This character is in a relationship with a married man. Case for which Mi-jo always asks her to leave him, until she discovers that she has a terminal illness; so she decides to make a list before she dies and while she does it, interesting things are uncovered.

Lastly is Jang Joo-hee (Kim Ji Hyun). She is the tender side of the group that, although she is 40 years old, does not leave her tenderness aside. She has been selling cosmetics in a mall for almost a decade. Her mother suffered from cancer and although she has overcome it, she must continue with supervision and check-ups. When Joo-hee finds out about the illness of her life, her world comes crashing down again, because she, from having accompanied her mother in her illness, she began to see as Joo-hee’s friend. she died slowly.

"Thirty Nine" is a drama and romance series.  (Netflix)
“Thirty Nine” is a drama and romance series. (Netflix)

If we believe that 30-year-old women experience a lot of pressure not to get married, in this story we will see 40-year-old women, where the professorship is worse and constant and, After all, the story is not only crying, it also has an entertaining touch and good moments of laughter. Also, the sound and musicalization help the emotional blow is not so strong. Apart from issues related to terminal illnesses, which will make us see that pain is not only felt by those who suffer from it; We will also learn stories about those who have sadly experienced family abandonment.

itself, though thirty new causes a bit of disappointment for its sad ending, it can’t be left behind that it is a story that reflects love in all its forms; especially in the true value of friendship. Cheer up to see it!

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