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“Things are going to go wrong,” Google CEO fires at Bard

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued a statement on Tuesday about Bard. Pichai says that user feedback in this new testing phase will be critical to the success of the chatbot introduced in February as a response to ChatGPT.

  • The executive revealed that 80,000 company employees participated in Bard’s internal tests.
  • It is worth remembering that the company asked for help from employees to rewrite bad chatbot responses.
  • In an email sent to employees, Pichai said that “things will go wrong” in the middle of the road so “that more people start using Bard and testing its features”, that is, Google does not rule out new stumbles of the tool of AI — as it happened at launch.
  • Hence the importance of feedback from testers, which will serve to “improve the product and technology” embedded in the service, explained the CEO.

The latest information was released by CNBC, which had access to the original email. The executive’s messages arrive just when Google decides to expand access to Bard, “still as an experiment” and with a warning that the chatbot can make mistakes and “give inaccurate or inadequate answers”.

The product, built on the LaMDA language model, can answer more complicated or miscellaneous questions, just like ChatGPT and the new Bing. Shares in Alphabet, which owns the search giant, rose nearly 4% after the announcement.

Pichai also added that employees “should be proud of this work”. “Even after all this progress, we are still in the early stages of a long journey,” he added.

“For now, I’m excited to see how Bard sparks more creativity and curiosity in the people who use it,” he said. The CEO’s plan is to share Google’s “breadth of progress in AI” in May at the annual developer conference .

I am grateful to the Bard team, who have probably spent more time with him than anyone else in recent weeks. Even after all this progress, we are still in the early stages of a long journey. As more people start using Bard and testing out its features, they will surprise us. Things will go wrong. But user feedback is key to improving the product and technology

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

According to the company, a team of 10,000 trusted testers from various backgrounds and perspectives will also be invited to provide feedback on the chatbot. “Let’s learn from this and keep improving,” concluded Pichai.


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