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They recommend deleting emails with alleged court summons for fraud

The cyber criminals they never stop expanding their options to make people fall for their scams. This time they are using a phishing technique consisting of send e-mails of court summonses for alleged sexual offenses committed on the Internet.

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Was the National Police Madrid, which warned of this new fraud, where the victims receive an email with the summons, which they open to learn more about the alleged accusation and find out if they are not wrong.

The content indicates that the person who received the citation has been recognized as someone who has committed crimes related to child pornography, exhibitionism, pedophilia or cyberpornography.

The foregoing, after allegedly Having viewed child pornography content on the Internet, such as nude photos or videos of minorsand that they would have been warned by the Police IT staff.

“Any indecent assault committed without violence or threats to the person or with the help of the person of a child of either sex, under 16 years of age, will be punished with imprisonment,” it says. EP who had access to the summons sent by the cybercriminals, where it is indicated that the Police are taking legal action against the person cited “shortly after a computer seizure”.

Given the crimes committed, the court summons asks the offender to write by email “his justifications so that they can be examined and verified in order to assess the sanctions” within 72 hours.

To make the victim come into conflict and fall into the fraud, he points out that in case of not proceeding to send the email, the Police will be forced to transmit their report of the crimes to Mr. Francisco Pardo Piqueras, Director General of the Police, “so that he establishes a arrest warrant” and are enrolled in the national sex offender registry.

Likewise, it is noted that your sexual offense files will be sent to associations against pedophilia and the media “for publication as registered persons”.

While the person is trying to figure out if it is a mistake or not, since it is an “official” citation for a sensitive crime, they end up agreeing to respond to the email. That is when cybercriminals attack by obtaining information from the victim.

Faced with these attacks, the National Police has sought to disseminate information so that potential victims do not fall for receiving an email with a similar content and know how to act. The recommendation is to ignore it and remove it.

How does phishing work?

The strategy of a cybercriminal for an Internet user to provide their information through the phishing is very simple: in the case of an email, it is only necessary for the criminal to send an email pretending to be, for example, his bank, ensuring that it is necessary to click on an attached link and enter the access data to your virtual user or else you can suffer great legal consequences.

In the event that the person accesses, first to click and second to enter their virtual account on a page perfectly recreated and very similar to the original, the crime will be consummated. The hackers will have obtained the information first-hand (the owner of the same) and they will have total disposition to do with it what they like.

(With information from EP)


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