“They don’t want me to keep spreading my message”: they hacked Mafe Walker, the woman who talks to aliens

Mafe Walker in Venga la Alegría (Photo: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria)

Mafe Walkerthe woman who became known on networks for receiving “intergalactic frequencies” and “messages from aliens” gave something to talk about again with her fresh appearance on the morning show of Aztec TV.

In the transmission of come the joy this September 7, Mafe revealed that He suffered a hack on his social networksboth in Instagram What TikTok and that he is in the process of finding out the reasons.

He also added that perhaps the interference is due to someone who does not want him to continue talking about the topics he usually touches.

“I am a transmission medium as if it were an antenna and I come to convey this important message. There are interferences, where there are obstacles that they do not want this message to continue to spread“, said.

Mafe Wlaker was hacked (Photo: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria)
Mafe Wlaker was hacked (Photo: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria)

And it is that before the true reasons for his absence in networks were known, Internet users affirmed that his disappearance was perhaps due to an “alien abduction”; However, the Colombian clarified that this never happened.

“That is not true. I just had interference. All my accounts have been hacked. I am trying to investigate because I want my accounts returned to me,” he said.

Similarly, during the program he talked about his encounters with aliens and described them as “energetic beings”, which cannot be described as human, since they have very different characteristics from the inhabitants of the earth.

They have colors… it also depends on the being… but they are very large, they are energetic, they are more vibrational (…) There are beings that come from other constellations of stars: They are called star beings or beings from other dimensions. We are not going to perceive them as humans, as physical bodies, but more vibrational and energy”, he explained.

Pato, Roger and Mafe Walker in the VLA program on September 7 (Photo: Twitter/@AztecaUNO)
Pato, Roger and Mafe Walker in the VLA program on September 7 (Photo: Twitter/@AztecaUNO)

It should be noted that the Pyramids of Teotihuacan they are a portal and a means to which signals from other dimensions arrive, according to Mafe Walker and, that it was there where the meeting he had with these beings took place.

the now influencer highlighted that he has a new account Instagram, in which he barely has 290 followers. At the moment she is the only official and in her stories she shared her participation in come the joy.

She was seen quite happy, with a change of look, because she painted her hair caramel color and even the driver of the morning, Roger GonzalezI pimped her hairstyle, in addition to the fact that both hugged each other with pleasure behind the scenes.

It was Roger himself who shared a photo on his Instagram with Mafe and wrote the following: “I love you, you love me”, to which the influencer replied “@rogergzz I love you, you love me. That sweetheart, thank you. @vengalaalegriatv I love you galactic loves”.

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On the other hand, the video where they both hugged was not so well received, since many criticisms could be seen in the comments, both to the program and to Mafe.

“This is no longer funny, it’s sad”; “Seriously, don’t make this type of content anymore, we’re starting to stop believing in you. Neta don’t make fun of people’s intellect. I know that the program is PURE SHOW, but getting to this is a REVEREND CLOWN”; “So that he says the same alien phrases as always that the aliens don’t even run into”, expressed some users.

It should be noted that some attacked Mafe for selling things related to her “gift”, as she announced in her stories that you can buy the “custom galactic frequency codes” that she makes.

“Psychic gifts already activated. By telepathy and astral travel we transmit the data, they are love codes“, wrote.

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