They criticized Carlos Villagrán for playing ‘Kiko’ at 78 years old: “He never surpassed the character”

“Kiko” brought out his best steps to the rhythm of “I know you want me” by Pitbull. (Photo: Sashenka Guitérrez / Cuartoscuro.com – TikTok Capture: @marabekk55)

It’s been nearly four decades since the last episode of The Chavo of 8nevertheless, the actors who gave life to their immortal characters They keep giving you something to talk about. In the last few hours, Carlos Villagrán positioned himself among the main social media trends for playing Kiko during a show. And it is that some users criticized him for continuing to do so at 78 years old.

It all started in TikTokwhere people who attended the recent presentation he offered in Honduras posted videos they took of his beloved character, who within the original story is around 9 years old. In the audiovisual fragments, the Mexican can be seen dancing in the center of a stage as he did in Oh what Kiko!a program where I worked with Mr Ramon (Ramon Valdes).


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Frederick brought out his best steps to the rhythm of I know you want me from Pitbull. As expected, the actor earned the recognition of those present, who applauded throughout his show. However, the opinion was divided on social networks, while some said they were happy that Carlos Villagrán did not let the character die, others considered that he should no longer interpret it because of his age.

“And that’s why it’s important to save for retirement.” “It’s funny, but not laughable funny…”. “And he never got over the character!!” “Me complaining because I’ve been doing the same thing for 6 years… I won’t say anything anymore.” “You have to know when to back off”. “I think the best thing for him would be to retire”, were some reactions in TikTok.

The Mexican artist performed in Honduras as part of the Hermanos Gasca circus. (Photo: Facebook carlosvillagrankikooficial)
The Mexican artist performed in Honduras as part of the Hermanos Gasca circus. (Photo: Facebook carlosvillagrankikooficial)

Internet users also speculated about the possible causes that would keep working at Kiko and pointed out that it could be due to economic problems. But the actor’s fans were present and within the same space they defended him, ensuring that he continues to bring joy with his character because it is something he enjoys doing.

“Kiko, what beautiful memories, I went back in time to see him in action again.” “He is a millionaire, I don’t think he needs money, on the contrary, he feels alive to play that character.” “Many say: what you have to do to swallow… I say: thanks for taking the time and continuing to have fun without having to do it”. “You have to do what you like to do… that’s live!”. “But what a godfather flow,” they commented.

One of the most popular videos of "Kiko" dancing belongs to an episode of the program in which he starred alongside "Don Ramón". (Instagram photo: @carlos_kiko1)
One of the most popular videos of “Kiko” dancing belongs to an episode of the program in which he starred alongside “Don Ramón”. (Instagram photo: @carlos_kiko1)

Within the comments section, he highlighted the presence of one of his daughters, Sylvia Villagrán, who defended her father with a tender phrase: “I love you dad”. Carlos Villagrán has not commented on the matter, meanwhile the videos of his shows continue to spark controversy on social networks.

The day Chespirito fired Kiko from “El Chavo del 8”

Cast of "El Chavo del 8" in the seventies. (Photo: special)
Cast of “El Chavo del 8” in the seventies. (Photo: special)

One of the most famous programs launched by Roberto Gómez Bolaños Chespirito During his career he was, without a doubt, The Chavo of 8. For nearly a decade Doña Florinda, Don Ramón, Chilindrina, Ñoño, Professor Jirafares, Mr. Barriga, Doña Clotilde, Kiko Y the kid They brought together entire families to enjoy their experiences within their famous neighborhood.

However, from one moment to another and despite the program ended despite the success it had. And it is that since time before differences arose between the actors such as the lawsuit they starred in Chespirito and Carlos Villagrán who ended up taking out Kiko of the edition. In an interview that Frederick gave in for The Rock of Morfi told his story.

(Photo: carlos_kiko1 /Instagram)
(Photo: carlos_kiko1 /Instagram)

“The show had complete and utter popularity. We toured and went to many countries with their press conferences, all full of microphones and tape recorders. But 70 percent of the questions were for Kiko because she was in fashion. Then anger, selfishness, professional and artistic zeal began to awaken a little. Little by little Kiko was climbing more in popularity than Chavo, and they took me out of the program, ”said Villagrán.

“When we returned by plane to Mexico from a tour we had done in Chile, he told me: ‘Look, there’s a deficit in character records’. I told him: ‘The records are yours.’ But he replied: ‘There is a deficit and I must take something from your salary.’ I asked him: ‘How are you going to remove me if they are your characters? I am an interpreter nothing more’. He was looking for an excuse to get me out, nothing more. So I told him I was getting out of the program”, he added.

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