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They create a social network to share stories of overcoming and seek psychological help

They create a social network to share stories of overcoming and seek psychological help
Im Here social network

The mental health It is an important aspect that more and more users want to take care of and technology has been a way of connecting them with specialists, either through registrations in search engines such as Google or through reviews that can be found in the application. mapsanother product of the technology company.

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However, as a way to increase the chances of contacting people who can help, a new social network focused on the search for improvement in difficult times has been launched on the market under the name of Imhere.

This application, which has compatible versions for operating systems of Android Y iOSis presented as a tool that allows you to contact people around the world who can share your story of overcoming, with others who need to read them in order to be inspired and overcome the difficulties they are going through.

Im Here Application (Capture)
Im Here Application (Capture)

An anonymous app

The main feature of app, as expressed on its official website, is the anonymity of its members. No person with a profile in the social network knows the name personal information or contact person from whom you receive help or who provides support. In this way, it is sought that users do not feel judged.

“Many people suffer to find someone with whom to share their problems (…) We believe that our environment will not be able to understand or we are afraid of being judged,” says a publication in the Web page of the app.

Each user who enters the platform you can choose the reason or the theme your problem, be it love, self-esteem, discrimination, a loss, family conflicts, abuse or bullying, etc. Once inside this social network, people can occupy two types of roles: “helper”who provides help, or “Future Helper”who currently needs to receive it, but has the potential to give it in the future.

Im Here App (Capture)
Im Here App (Capture)

The application performs a series of questions related to ideas that are generated in certain situations: how to surround yourself with people, the ability to listen, search for solutions, etc.

Once the profile has been created, which is presented with the name of the role of the Username and a code numerical, the helpers they can create a story that they think might inspire other people to overcome their difficulties or otherwise seek Professional Help to make it.

To start a threadas the stories are called in the social networkusers just need to click the (+) button located at the bottom center of the screen, indicate if you are looking for help or want help, select the topics that are touched in the story and begin to write. Once it’s finished, you just have to touch the button. Save.

Im Here App (Capture)
Im Here App (Capture)

In the Home tab, Helpers can send messages or comments to people looking for support based on the topics available at the top of the home screen.

For those who need it, within the application users will be able to click on the tab of their profile and select the option talk to a professional in person or virtually. The social network It also has the contact information of some psychologists who are available.

ImHere developers are currently working on a feature called ImHere School for future updates, which will consist of anonymously notifying teachers about cases of abuse or bullying.


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