They branded Jolette as classist in response to a user who questioned her career after “The Academy”

Jolette recently pointed out William Valdés to bully her (Photo: Twitter @Aldo_Lobato)

After his participation in the fourth generation of The academy, the name of Jolette is still in force and in previous days it resonated with more force after meddling in a series of back and forth with William Valdes. But the controversy did not end there, since the famous decided to answer a large number of comments in social networks that Internet users left him and even ended up being branded as classist for his opinions.

It all started when the 38-year-old presenter explained that during her stay in the singing contest lived very hard and unpleasant moments, but, a user appeared to question her vocal talent:

“I didn’t sing (Jolette) and I don’t think she sings yet”, wrote @ pao_la14 in Twitter.

To this, the former academic pointed out that Internet users were not understanding the point of her complaint, since it seemed wrong to her that after so many years they continued to use her image in a derogatory manner.

They are not understanding that this is no longer the topic and they must learn to respect a woman who left that pageant 17 years ago???”, he said.

Jolette gained fame after participating in The Academy (Photo: Twitter @RealJohnHarry)
Jolette gained fame after participating in The Academy (Photo: Twitter @RealJohnHarry)

But everything was inflamed when another user told the artist that apparently her entire career has been based on the success that left her The academy.

“Hey Jolette, but if you live from your horrendous performances in the academy, that and your silly tantrums is what gave you fame. There is no interview that doesn’t ask you something about the academy, have you questioned yourself why?… Because nobody knows you for something else”.

This unleashed the fury of the famous, who quoted the tweet and pointed out with a controversial comment that her career was not limited to said program, since she currently served as a host on the program Today of Televisa.

It is that you do not have enough to pay for a cable television system. I have worked 5 consecutive years as the host of a Fashion program and representing brands that you could not pronounce. I also have the Fashion section in the top morning paper.

Jolette was branded as classist in networks (Photo: screenshot / Twitter joletteoficial)
Jolette was branded as classist in networks (Photo: screenshot / Twitter joletteoficial)

The reactions to this were immediate and bothered some Internet users, who mentioned to Jolette that her words were violent.

“Fashion brands? The top morning? Brands you can’t even pronounce? Haha how good you are against misogyny, why you are queen of classism!”. “Net what a bear to those who like this classist comment net check the moral from which they speak because they think they are very high but they end up being shit”, “This must be the most classist tweet I have read in 2022”, were some of the mentions in networks.

Likewise, other netizens not only highlighted the classism that the famous denoted, but also resumed the controversy where Jolette spoke out against abortion

“This person apart from being homophobic and pro-life also came out classist, We really deserve what happens to us for taking photos of these types of characters.” “Jolette?? Apart from being pro-life and super religious, did he come out classist? Disappointed but not surprised. “Classist, homophobic, provid, I still really don’t understand why people in the community defend that lady so much,” they added.


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