They banned Dr. Simi stuffed animals in the Guadalajara auditorium: “The most boring and boomer venue”

Users on Twitter accused that in an auditorium in Guadalajara, they prohibited throwing stuffed animals of Dr. Simi to the artists (Photo: Twitter/@marcovegat)

The stuffed animals dr simi They do not stop giving what to talk about on social networks. Such is becoming his fame at concerts, that attendees have strongly claimed that some venues have already taken it upon themselves to ban them at the entrance.

Such was the case with Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which prohibited concertgoers from throwing any stuffed animal directed at the stage. This was a clear allusion to the character, who has recently dabbled in events as a souvenir for international singers who step on Mexico.

“He was crowned the most boring room boomer”, “Do they do concerts or are they honoring the flag?”, “March to throw Drs Simi to the auditorium as a protest”, “What is this custom of throwing Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal? – exclaimed the old man ”, were some opinions that were poured into social networks as a protest against the measure.

However, there were also people who showed in favor of her, because she considered that throwing stuffed animals at the artists represented an unpleasant “fashion” that it would be good to was regulateda.

Previously, the measure affected fans of the boy band American Big Time Rush, because in the event carried out last Tuesday, August 23 at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajarasome people expressed disagreement on their social networks because the venue did not allow them to enter with stuffed animals:

What an exaggeration for a harmless stuffed animal”, “They are not letting them pass, keep them hidden or I don’t know how but hide them, don’t let them see them because if they take them away I don’t think they will return them” and “I can’t believe that for a simple teddy don’t let go ”, users expressed on Twitter.

Similarly, attendees were able to enjoy the boyband concert (Photos: Instagram @bigtimerush/Facebook @Farmacias Similares/Twitter @ilsze3)
Similarly, attendees were able to enjoy the boyband concert (Photos: Instagram @bigtimerush/Facebook @Farmacias Similares/Twitter @ilsze3)

But despite the ban, the fans of the group were able to enjoy the event, in addition, the arrival of the singers and musicians Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson Y Charles Robert Pena caused euphoria among his fans.

Why do Mexican fans throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals at concerts?

The botargas of dr simi They are no longer the only viral symbol of Similar Pharmacies, since Mexicans have taken it upon themselves to make their stuffed figure a reminder for the great artists who visit Aztec lands, since the new trend consists of throwing them on stage during concerts.

Why do Mexicans throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals onto the celebrity stage? The answer does not exceed a large number of years or mysteries, since the first case occurred in November 2021 during the presentation of the Norwegian singer dawn in the festival capital crown in Mexico City.

That was the point of origin that has generated a whole movement that will apparently continue to grow as more international artists decide to set foot on Aztec lands, or not bring their tours.

Price and origin of Dr. Simi

The price of Dr. Simi dolls ranges between 120 and 150 Mexican pesosthe cost may vary according to the state where the pharmacy is located, the beloved stuffed animals can be purchased at any chain establishment or even ordered at home in some applications.

The famous stuffed animals are made by people with different abilities (Photo: SOLTRA – CINIA)
The famous stuffed animals are made by people with different abilities (Photo: SOLTRA – CINIA)

These dolls made of cloth measure 30 centimeters and are handmade in the facilities of SOLTRA- CINIA in the state of Puebla. This company is looking for labor inclusion of people with different abilities.

In addition to the dolls, the CINIA facilities also make the gowns used by the doctors of this chain of pharmacies and the cloth bags that are sold as a substitute for those made of plastic. According to the SOLTRA company page, there are almost 400 people working in said factory.

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