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These Word tricks can make it easier to use

These Word tricks can make it easier to use
Microsoft Word. (photo: RCN Radio)

Word is the most basic program for writing text files and, like others that belong to the ecosystem of Office created by microsoftit has unique features and functions that can make its use at the user level much easier and allow people to get their jobs done quickly.

Some of these features require further exploration commandsmenus and options but that can be useful for tasks that the user wants to perform in any context.

Here are some tricks that people can use in Microsoft Word:

Convert a PDF file to Word

Sometimes the downloadable files on the internet can be found at Pdf format that prevents its editing and some users use additional applications or websites. However, it is possible to take this File, Archive to an editable version of Word.

It is possible to convert a PDF file to a Word format without using third-party applications. (Capture)

To execute this task the user must locate the PDF file you want to open and right click on it. In the drop-down menu, click on the Open With optionwhich will display a number of programs that could help open this file.

If Word does not appear in that list, the user must press the “Choose another application” option and search for Microsoft Word. If it does not appear, then you will need to click on the “More apps” option and the program should appear.

Open a PDF file in Microsoft Word (Capture)

Once the option is selected, a pop-up window will appear indicating that the file will be opened by Word and it can be edited, although it could have some modifications. After clicking the OK button, the file will open (with some cosmetic modifications) in a Word window and you will only need to save the file as a file. document for the conversion process to finish.

Search for specific words within a text

In case you are working with long documentshave the possibility to search for a word that has been repeatedly misspelled or to locate a specific part of the document no need to use the side scroll bar is a useful feature within Microsoft Word.

Find Words in Microsoft Word (Screenshot)

To be able to search for a specific word there are two forms: by means of a key combination Ctrl + Gwhich opens a side panel where users can write a specific word or phrase and displays all results that match the search.

The other option is to select a particular word within the work area that is already available to you and click the Search button, which is located in the upper right part of the Home toolbar. In both cases it is possible to delete the word that is being searched for in the panel and replace it with another.

Protect a document with a password

To add an additional layer of security in the documents and prevent it from being opened by unauthorized persons, users have the possibility of activating the encryption option with a password in a document Word.

Protect a document with a password in Word (Capture)

To access this option, the person must click on the file menu in word and click on the Information option. Once inside that section, the option “Protect Document”which in turn will have other additional options such as restrict access, establish a signature, mark as final document and encrypt its content with a password.

When you click on that last option, a pop-up window where you can establish a password and a warning will be made: If the person who sets the access key forgets it, the file and its contents cannot be recovered. Once established, microsoft recommends saving the document for the password to become active.

Find an option in Word

In the event that the user needs to access an option or function within the Microsoft Word system, they can do so using the search bar at the top right of the window.

Find options in Microsoft Word (Screenshot)

Only the name or part of the name of the available actions in Word to be able to find a list of matching options. When the appropriate option is found, the user should click on it and it will be applied to the document.


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