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These movies will scare you in 2022. The most anticipated horrors of the coming months

most anticipated horrors of 2022

Here are the most anticipated horrors of 2022. The coming months will be marked by the return of cult franchises (the new “Scream” in January) and completely original titles (“Nope” by Jordan Peele). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The announcements include “Wiking”, “Studio 666” and “Don’t Worry Darling”.
Fans of horror movies could not complain about the lack of attractions last year. Yes, there were a few mishaps and there were also asexual fillers of the multiplex repertoire. But there were also some interesting comebacks of famous franchises, original horror movies and even a new generation of slashers. The coming months look similar.


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The most anticipated horrors of 2022

There will be a lot going on in the horror cinema in 2022. In January, the cult “Scream” will return, and soon “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” will come to Netflix. The new versions of the famous horror franchises are not all the premieres that we are waiting for. We can’t wait for Foo Fighters to show rock and roll in “Studio 666” and Jordan Peele to tell us a short “Nope”.


Scream – horrors 2022 – trailerGhostface is back! In the sense of his new incarnation. “Krzyk” has already attacked the big screen four times, each time exposing the convention of youth horror films. And this one depends on the viewers’ sensitivity. Will this time, without Wes Craven, be able to expose the rules of the subspecies at least as well as in the previous installments of the series? We will find out in January.

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Polish premiere: January 14 in cinemas.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface has returned many times. After the two, no sequel, remake, and reboot managed to live up to the level of a grindhouse classic by Tobe Hooper. Perhaps now this vicious circle can be broken. We hope it will at least be bloody.

Polish premiere: February 18 on Netflix.

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Studio 666

Dave Grohl and his fellow Foo Fighters were recording “Medicine at Midnight” in a haunted house! Or so they said. As it turned out later, the atmosphere affected them so much that they decided to make a film there with their participation at the same time. In “Studio 666” you will see what their adventures with ghosts looked like. It may not be terrible, but there will be plenty of fun with horror iconography, laughter and loud music.

World premiere: February 25 in theaters.


Robert Eggers will charm us with the atmosphere again. After “The Witch. A Fairy Tale of New England”, every self-respecting fan of horror movies closely follows the director’s achievements. Now, after “Lighthouse”, it’s time for “The Viking”, in which Alexander Skarsgård, as the title warrior, will seek revenge against his father’s murderers in 10th-century Iceland.

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Polish premiere: April 22 in cinemas.

Black phone

Black Phone – Horror Movies 2022 – trailerStephen King’s son may not yet have the fame of his father, but he has proven many times that he does not lack talent. The filmmakers have more than once adapted his prose, and now the director, whose “Sinister” was once considered the most terrible horror film in the history of cinema, is responsible for transferring one of his stories to the screen. Will the story of a kidnapped boy talking to the murderer’s previous victims manage to scare us just as much?

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Polish premiere: June 24 in cinemas.


Over a million viewers have already seen “Girls from Dubai” – this film took over the Polish box office in 2021


Thanks to “Run away!” Jordan Peele has become a star of horror movies. Horror fans were eagerly awaiting his next movie, “It’s Us”. Little is known about the third production directed by him. However, we can be sure that there is something to wait for. May he not let us down again.

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World premiere: July 22 in theaters.

Don’t Worry Darling

It may be unrelated to the “WandaVision” MCU. After all, the perfunctory description of the plot sounds disturbingly familiar. The action is set in the 1950s. The main character played by Florence Pugh lives with her husband in an experimental, utopian community. Suddenly, however, it begins to reveal the dark secrets on which its foundations were built.

World premiere: September 23 in theaters.

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Halloween ends

Halloween Ends – horrors 2022 – premieres David Gordon Green wiped out the sequels to “Halloween” and created a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s blockbuster. He had already allowed Michael Myers back twice in a glow of bloody glory. Now is the time to close the trilogy, which is to be separated by a longer break than the first two parts. So sharpen your kitchen knives because things will happen!

Polish premiere: October 21 in cinemas.

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead moves to the city. This is. There will be a lot going on in the new surroundings. Unfortunately, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell will not see to it by working together on different sides of the camera. Both gentlemen are only producers here. So get ready for a new opening for the series. May it be longer (not counting the series “Ash versus dead evil” broadcast in the meantime) than for one film (as it happened in 2013).

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Premiere: in 2022 on HBO Max.


Like the “Halloween” series, “Hellraiser” deserves a hard reboot. The sequels to Clive Barker’s film (with some exceptions) have nothing to do with the original. The announcements of the new version of the franchise give hope that it will be fixed. Because according to them, it is to be kept in the spirit of Barker’s short story (yes, he made a film based on his own prose).

World premiere: on Hulu in 2022.

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What do you think about most anticipated horrors of 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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