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These hearing aids can tell stories to children

The Icelandic technology company, Onanoff, presented the ‘StoryPhones’, hearing aids that have the particularity of being able to tell different stories and stories. (Story Phones)

The most important technology fair in Europe, IFA 2022, began its official activities in Berlin, Germany; where a diverse set of technology companies publicly presented and exhibited their new products and innovations aimed at different market sectors.

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That’s why the Icelandic technology company, Onanoffwhich is oriented towards the development of audio productspresented one of its most attractive products for children’s entertainment at home: the ‘StoryPhones’hearing aids that have the peculiarity of being able to tell different stories and tales.

Although they can be used as regular headphones, either wirelessly or through a jack cable; Its main feature is found on the outside of the speakers, since it has discs that can be located and exchanged with the help of magnets. These ‘Story Shields’ They contain stories that children can listen to without the need for any other type of support or additional screen.

Onanoff’s website features two Storyphone models. The first is the basic one and is available in white and gray colors. The user will be able listen to music and the sound can be regulated by means of controls located on the side of the headphones.

StoryPhone hearing aids can tell stories to children (StoryPhone)
StoryPhone hearing aids can tell stories to children (StoryPhone)

The second model is called StoryPhones Disney, and features a diverse collection of StoryShields containing different stories that were licensed by the family entertainment company. These include movies like Monsters Inc., Frozen, The Lion King and Toy Story, as well as classic Disney tales like Beauty and the Beast.

StoryPhones have available a content library that were selected thinking of children from the age of 3 because they entertain and educate with audio stories, music and podcasts for different tastes. This allows parents to relax and know that they don’t have to constantly monitor what their children are listening to.

According to the company, users of these hearing aids can purchase a Zen Shield, a disc containing music that can help induce a state of relaxation or sleep. Onanoff’s website indicates that this accessory can help calm children with a lot of energy.

StoryPhone hearing aids can tell stories to children (StoryPhone)
StoryPhone hearing aids can tell stories to children (StoryPhone)

In addition to the devices, the Onanoff hearing aids product package includes a ZenShield, a PlayShield, a Type-C (USB-C) charging cable, and an audio cable. While the StoryPhone Disney model is delivered to the customer with 2 StoryShields, a StoryShoeld

customizable experience

Since customization is also important, Onanoff has also made available to users an option that allows customers to record their voices through the StoryPhones app, available at Google Play Store and App Storeand they can create discs that they can share with their children or grandchildren.

In addition, the application allows expanding the catalog of stories to which children have access through integrated purchases. It also allows you to adjust the volume remotely, maintain control over the battery status and exercise parental control, which allows adults to know what children are listening to.


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